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May 21, 2010 09:33 AM

Private Cooking Class for 4 People

Does anyone know of a chef that would be willing to do a cooking class/dinner in our home for 4 people (2 kids not included) that is reasonably priced? Has anyone found anyone good for this? Looking for someone in early June. Thanks!

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  1. Sten - I'm not sure if this will fit, but heck, I'll throw it out there. I went a cooking class from a woman named Sheree Vincent (she's from Wyoming, MN). She's not technically a chef; but she is someone who has been cooking since she was like 4 or something. Anyway, she does cooking classes out of her home b/c 1) she's a great cook, 2) her friends and family told her she should 3) she is super and very knowledgable about food, etc. I finally got to one of hers (she does them monthly out of her home from groups of 6-9)...we paid $50 and there is a theme. We all helped in different stations, but I think she also does the cook and watch demo too. The time I went - the theme was chocolate. It was mole sauce from scratch for chicken enchiladas (the whole deal-scorching the tomatillos, blah blah); salad with chocolate nibs (shallots, evoo, vanilla balsamic vinegar), a rich chocolate bbq sauce from smoked ribs and pots de creme with mexican chocolate. I do know that she also did two other times -- lamb and there was a shellfish one in a month before that. There is great food, wine and conversation.

    Im thinking you'd want a chef chef...trained and all, but I at least thought I'd throw it out there. I was just thinking of her b/c I've been to her house firsthand and see what she can do. Just a thought.

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          Yes. Fusiondesigned is her business. She is a free lance interior decorator, etc. She also has a FB page. If you are at all interested, you should call her and tell her of your interest. She is the NICEST and FUNNIEST person. Follow this: Sheree is my best friend's parent's old neighbor. Her parents paid for my best friend and her hubby to go - the hubby couldn't go, I got to go in his place. It was awesome and I plan to go on my own, with my husband and pay myself. She chooses a different theme each month-but I wouldn't doubt she could cater to a specific idea, etc. if someone was interested. She does it out of her house, someone brings wine, and then her living room gets transformed to one big eating table - BUT she could probably come and do a demo.

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      1. Search for personal chefs--there are many in the area and this is what they do. The American Association of Personal Chefs has a tool to find chefs in your area. I used to be a personal chef, but am no longer. This is a great professional organization and wouldn't list anyone who isn't experienced or doesn't have insurance, etc.

        1. I came across this chef at a CSA fair. I don't know her prices or have any reviews, however.

          1. Thank you all for your great suggestions! I really appreciate it!