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May 21, 2010 09:11 AM

Pio Pio Green Sauce

How long does the green sauce they give you as take-out last? We got a $5 container about three weeks ago. It was half-gone and I threw it out. My husband had a fit, saying it was still good. Was it? I'd rather have him mad than dead from food poisoning, but I don't want to deprive him, either.
I'm thinking it's good for a week, at best, but would like to hear from others. What about freezing it? As much as he loves it, the container lasts a long time because we eat out a lot.

Pio Pio
62-30 Woodhaven Blvd, Queens, NY 11374

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  1. I buy the big container of the green sauce and freeze it. I use a ice cream scoop to scoop some out whenever I want some.

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    1. re: Robotron

      How does freezing affect the taste? Does it get hotter or milder?

      1. re: Scribbler

        I didn't notice much of a difference after freezing.

    2. Don't get sick and sue me, but it seems like the stuff is so acidic that it would last a while...think about how long it takes vinegar to spoil--they basically pull it out of pyramids and it's still edible