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May 21, 2010 08:36 AM

Foody's: fast, fresh, inexpensive lunch in Les Halles area

I am grinning as I reflect on the absurdity of my recommending this lunch spot, after the past few days' discussion of LUNCH. Foody's is a soup and salad bar on rue Montorguiel with both indoor and outdoor seating. It has become my husband's favorite lunch spot, particularly when sandwiched between two large dinners. Everything is fresh and, most importantly, deliciously seasoned. The usual selection includes new potatoes in seeded mustard dressing, curried carrots, classic lentils, ziti salad, deliciously dressed green beans and mushrooms, arugula, spinach salad, quinoa, sliced ham, tuna rillettes and a half dozen others I've forgotten. A "small" plate (about 5"x7" )is 5.50€; large (perhaps 7"x 10" ) is 9€.something. The pleasant owner never raises an eyebrow over a heaped plate. Additionally or alternatively, there are several soups each day.

Foody's often seems to be on our mid-day route to somewhere, or maybe we just head that way come lunch time. It is our kind of mid-day meal, or as Souphie would say, lunch for wimps.

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  1. My wife and I ate there for our first food after the long flight and our apartment was just off Montorgueil. A wonderful place! We had soup and salad and watched folks walk up and down the street while we got our heads screwed on again. We comment on that meal every time we walk down Montorgueil, which is every time we visit Paris!

    1. Of course that sounds great and close, close, close!!! as I plan the trip; great post, thanks!! Yum!!