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May 21, 2010 08:31 AM

Chef Vola

I'm going to be going to Chef Vola's next month. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a specific dish to try and also the dress code? Thanks very much.

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  1. Tough question to answer. I've easily been 20 times and there's never been a time that, regardless of the dish ordered, I (and others we've been with) haven't felt that what was served wasn't the best (you fill it in here) they've ever had.

    I'm not partial to seafood, but a few seafood dishes that have gotten major raves and repeat requests at our table were Chilean sea bass and snapper. One is in a champagne/cognac cream sauce, the other is macadamia-nut encrusted (I forget which is which). Also shrimp francaise and the crab cakes.

    For the landlubber, I love the chicken florentine and the veal chop. I've never had the filet mignon (it's a large one, I think around 12 ounces), but our dining companions haven't been disappointed.

    All of these are "specials" they'll read to you, although they seem to have most of them at each visit. The regular menu is less expensive standard Italian fare and the few times anyone I've been with has ordered from there, they were equally satisfied with the basic pastas and sauces. The side order of sauteed spinach with garlic is amazing--but if you go with the chicken florentine, you'll get a ton of it with your entree and the side order is unnecessary.

    Desserts--again, it will depend on your preference, and you'll probably leave feeling that if you order XYZ, it will be the best XYZ you've had anywhere. For me, it's either the semi-frozen banana cream or peanut butter pies.

    Dress--For the guys (you'll need to figure out the female equivalent), khakis or nice jeans and a collared shirt are fairly standard--you will see an occasional jacket here and there, especially among the more senior patrons. While there is no formal dress code, you may feel underdressed in shorts and a novelty T-shirt.

    It is our favorite restaurant anywhere and our 4-hour trips to AC are scheduled around when we can snag a reservation. Fully understand why some don't care for the antiquated table reservation techniques and atmosphere (tables on top of each other, loud) but it works for us. Even among those who find it uncomfortable, there's little argument about the quality of the product served.

    1. they are pretty flexible in creating your own dish. Sometimes I just order a Veal cutlet with a side salad or some pasta creation. I've worn nice shorts in the summer with a polo or button down shirt, think warmer weather lightens up the dress a little but I've seen the ocassional jacket on men