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May 21, 2010 08:27 AM

Pho Orchid at Bay & Chestnut?

Just noticed a new Pho Place opening up on Bay at Chesnut. Googled but all i could find was this on "Pho Orchid (124 Chestnut Street) is taking over from the recently shuttered E-ON Restaurant, with a sign promising an "Authentic Viet Chef"."

anyone tried it yet? i think i might go for lunch!

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  1. I'll reply to my own comment here and say i went to pho orchid for lunch and......wish i could tell you how it was but my experience was a huge fail! i go in and order. they tell me to come back in 10 mins so i stand outside the door (it was a nice day) and come back in 10 as requested. I go to pay for my order and am told that someone else took my order. the guy then stands there staring at me, blank-faced. I say "so...what can we do here?" and he says " could order again but it woulbe another 10 mins..sorry".
    If they had offered to rush my order or throw in a free pop or something I'd have waited but I was feeling a little miffed at that point so I left.
    Hope others have better experiences than me...I won't be back!

    1. Yup, I tried it a few days ago. It seemed a bit unorganized, and the milkshakes weren't ready, but I guess thats normal for a brand new restaurant?
      I got my "pho" in a reasonable amount of time & it was really good! It tasted like my grandma's home-made pho. It also tasted healthier than other places. I also tasted from my friends' plates: vermicelli + pork, & pad thai. They were all pretty good.
      Anyway, I hope they shape up service cause it does have good food for a reasonable price for that location. Sorry to hear about your bad experience.

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      1. re: murple

        Do they have a website? Would also like to know if there are veg options? Thanks kindly!

        1. re: mrsleny

          No website mentioned on their menu, signage, etc., so I'm guessing they don't have one.

          Menu includes a couple of veg apps, a vegetable pho (although I don't know if they use the beef broth - some places do, best to ask), a tofu & veg rice plate, and a tofu & veg bean thread soup.

          If you asked, they might also be willing to do a veg version of their bun (vermicelli noodles) - all of the versions on the menu include meat or seafood, but they could probably sub in tofu.

          I got one of the buns for lunch today - grilled chicken & pork and spring rolls - and it was very good. Nice to have another decent lunch option close to the office...

          1. re: gregclow

            I was also there for lunch today, and was definitely questioning Murple's first ever post.

            The Pho should be avoided. The noodles were overdone, the rare beef was sparse (4 smaller pieces in a medium), little to no beef flavour in the broth, and a poor quantity of greens. All of this for 7.25, and their medium is more like a small that you'd get at any other pho spot in Chinatown.

            The service was all over the place, and the waiters didn't really seem to care about pleasing the clientele.

            I will be taking my $10 elsewhere.

            1. re: gregclow

              Thank you! I may check it out next time I'm in the neighbourhood. It can't be any worse than Spring Rolls nearby.

              1. re: mrsleny

                I went there for a late lunch today. It is a small eatery with around 10 tables, some with plush sofa seats. My dining partner and I ordered the Pho "Satay". On the menu, it stated "cucumbers and tomatoes" which weren't in the bowl.

                I found the soup base rather bland. It lacked flavour with insufficient veggies (no red chili peppers in the plate).

                We also ordered the Fresh Cool spring rolls. It came with a sauce that is heavy on the hoisin with a little green onion and shredded carrot. The rolls contained overdone vermicelli noodles with two whole cooked shrimp and a bit of lettuce. It was bland too but the strong hoisin flavour was too much to handle.

                We also ordered bubble tea. To our surprise, the server said it is off the menu. I suspect the bubbles weren't cooked or staff didn't have any. Instead, the server offered to change our order to a milkshake. I had the avocado flavour which was nice and refreshing. My dining partner had coconut which was quite sweet without much coconut flavour.

                It seems there is one server who doesn't speak English since he never acknowledged our words. Also, we didn't like the fact he hovered over us while we paid the bill + small tip in cash.

                This place is so-so. I'd come back in a few months to see if anything has improved.

        2. The original comment has been removed