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May 21, 2010 07:20 AM

Need recommendations for best crab cake/crab shack on the way out to St. Mary’s (Eastern Shore)

My wife and I are headed down to the Leonardtown/St. Mary’s City area this evening and would like to feast on the best crab cake possible. If possible, we’d like to dine at a quaint gem that locals would also recommend.

After we get out of the DC area, we’re taking Route 5 all the way down, passing through towns like Waldorf and Leonardtown. Any can’t miss spots? Thanks!

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  1. I'd recommend a map or a boat if you're planning on reaching the Eastern Shore. Right near St. Mary's is Courtney's, which is about as shack like and out of the way as it gets. If you need to eat earlier, well, I'm not sure about Waldorf or Leonardtown.

    1. Cafe des Artistes in Leonardtown is a nice French bistro with a surprisingly good and reasonably priced wine list. On the main square.

      1. In Mechanicsville various branches of the Copsey family run three different crab/seafood joints: Copsey's, Captain Leonard's and Drift Inn. Copsey's is my favorite, but it's more of a market/carryout/beer store. All have decent crabs and crabcakes. The best? Depends on which local you ask - each has its adherents and detractors.

        1. hey you are not on the eastern shore. you are in southern maryland. may want to stop at stony's in st michaels

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