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May 21, 2010 07:10 AM

Suggest a fruit pie, please

I need to make dessert for my in-laws coming to visit on Sunday. I love to make cakes, but I also love to eat cakes, and we're going to the beach later in the week. I don't like fruit pie very much, and so.....that's what I'm making.

Anyhow, i want to make a lattice topped pie. Nothing appropriate seems to be in season. I could do apple, but it's awfully plain. I was planning to do rhubarb strawberry, but them my husband said he doesn't think his parents like rhubarb.

We're in the midst of strawberry season here, but I can't figure out how to use them in a pate brise crusted pie.

ideas appreciated!

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  1. I make strawberry pie without rhubarb since I can't stand again, why can't you make just strawberry pie? Or Fresh strawberry/blueberry pie would be nice.

    1. Plain strawberry pie is perfectly fine -- although personally I can't see why you'd want to omit something as yummy as rhubarb! However, since strawberries tend to be very juicy, use of a bit of extra thickener. My preference is minute tapioca.

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        I just assumed that strawberries would cook down in to juice. I've never seen a strawberry pie that wasn't the thickened-w/ gelatin version. tell me more....

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          I just make it like a regular pie, except I add more minute tapioca since it's so juicy. I never thicken pies with anything else, because I prefer the texture of the tapioca. It is a bit tricky getting the right amount, but perhaps if you made a pie with less filling, rather than a deep dish pie, you'd have an easier time of it.

      2. If you love making cake, make a cake. If self-restraint is an (understandable) issue, just give away the leftovers on Monday.

        1. Hi, danna! Are you stuck on the pie being lattice-topped? If not, my buddy Liren posted this recipe for a strawberry blackberry tart recently that looks and sounds quite nice...and not fussy!

          These miniature strawberry pies are adorable:

          I have seen lots of great strawberry ideas (pies, tarts, shortcake cookies!) on foodbuzz. :)

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            thanks! both of those look great. I don't know why I just never have had a cooked strawberry pie. I may give it a shot.

          2. Made a strawberry+blackberry cobbler last week since both are cheap and in season. Just up the quantity of whatever thickener you're using.

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            1. re: amokscience

              As strange as this may sound...Strawberry & Banana is also a great combination. My SO made this for our first Thanksgiving for a dinner with three other couples. He made it "On site" to impress...and impress it did!

              1. re: amokscience

                are you in TX? if we had blackberries yet in SC, i wouldn't have to ask the question! i LOVE blackberries.