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Suggest a fruit pie, please

I need to make dessert for my in-laws coming to visit on Sunday. I love to make cakes, but I also love to eat cakes, and we're going to the beach later in the week. I don't like fruit pie very much, and so.....that's what I'm making.

Anyhow, i want to make a lattice topped pie. Nothing appropriate seems to be in season. I could do apple, but it's awfully plain. I was planning to do rhubarb strawberry, but them my husband said he doesn't think his parents like rhubarb.

We're in the midst of strawberry season here, but I can't figure out how to use them in a pate brise crusted pie.

ideas appreciated!

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  1. I make strawberry pie without rhubarb since I can't stand it...so again, why can't you make just strawberry pie? Or Fresh strawberry/blueberry pie would be nice.

    1. Plain strawberry pie is perfectly fine -- although personally I can't see why you'd want to omit something as yummy as rhubarb! However, since strawberries tend to be very juicy, use of a bit of extra thickener. My preference is minute tapioca.

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        I just assumed that strawberries would cook down in to juice. I've never seen a strawberry pie that wasn't the thickened-w/ gelatin version. tell me more....

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          I just make it like a regular pie, except I add more minute tapioca since it's so juicy. I never thicken pies with anything else, because I prefer the texture of the tapioca. It is a bit tricky getting the right amount, but perhaps if you made a pie with less filling, rather than a deep dish pie, you'd have an easier time of it.

      2. If you love making cake, make a cake. If self-restraint is an (understandable) issue, just give away the leftovers on Monday.

        1. Hi, danna! Are you stuck on the pie being lattice-topped? If not, my buddy Liren posted this recipe for a strawberry blackberry tart recently that looks and sounds quite nice...and not fussy!

          These miniature strawberry pies are adorable:

          I have seen lots of great strawberry ideas (pies, tarts, shortcake cookies!) on foodbuzz. :)

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            thanks! both of those look great. I don't know why I just never have had a cooked strawberry pie. I may give it a shot.

          2. Made a strawberry+blackberry cobbler last week since both are cheap and in season. Just up the quantity of whatever thickener you're using.

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              As strange as this may sound...Strawberry & Banana is also a great combination. My SO made this for our first Thanksgiving for a dinner with three other couples. He made it "On site" to impress...and impress it did!

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                are you in TX? if we had blackberries yet in SC, i wouldn't have to ask the question! i LOVE blackberries.

              2. I made this pie:


                using fresh strawberries instead of raspberries and it turned out great. I didn't strain the berries after cooking, it doesn't seem necessary. I'm not much of a baker, but this was really good.

                1. Here's a strawberry icebox pie that appeared in my inbox this morning, from an America's Test Kitchen Notes mailing, calling for both frozen and fresh berries:


                  1. I like making Cherry pie with canned pie cherries. I use 2 cans of pie cherries for 1 pie with a full pie crust. It does look great with the lattice top too. Remember to get pie cherries, not pie filling. Wonderful with vanilla ice cream. This recipe is from my Grandmother who got the recipe from her mother so it's a oldie, like 100 years old or so....LOL.

                    Cherry Pie

                    2 16 oz cans pie cherries or 4 cups fresh
                    1/2 cup sugar or to taste

                    1/4 tsp salt
                    4 TBLS Flour (depending on how thick you want the juice you can add more)

                    Leave sit for 20 minutes to thicken.

                    Pour into prepared pie crust, dot with 2 tbls butter, top with top crust. Slit top crust.

                    Bake at 450 degrees for 10 minutes
                    Bake a addition 30 minutes at 350

                    1. Make a banana pudding..........


                      1. You might consider this No-Bake Fresh Fruit Pie: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

                        I make it often in the summer and people really like it; my dad often requests it. I usually make it using a combination of strawberries and blueberries, but the possibilities are endless, even using just strawberries.

                        1. Reporting in: I made the pie last night: I used a strawberry/rhubarb recipe from epi, yes I ignored my husband about his parents not liking rhubarb (and he was wrong, btw), but I did skew the fruit more toward the berries. The recipe used both white and brown sugar, and cornstarch. It worked out well...that is it looked pretty, was edible, got compliments, but did not make me want to eat all the leftovers for breakfast this morning.

                          I let the fruit stand for serveral hours, then poured off the liquid before making the pie, if I had not, i think it would have been soupy, because it was about right as is. I cooked down the liquid and did the old squeeze bottle trick on the plates. Yes, it's SO 80's for those of us who are obnoxiously jaded, but it was a hit with the guests.

                          Thanks all!