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May 21, 2010 06:32 AM

Cancun Hotel Zone Eating

Assistance with where to eat during a 2 night stay in Cancun would be greatly appreciated.

I am staying at the Hyatt in the Hotel Zone and will have a tough time talking my wife/friends too far away from the beach. Any ideas?

I have read the other posts that I could find and most highly recommended going into El Centro, which is possible. I think that piece is relatively well covered. If I can get away from the beach I will absolutely try some of those. But, I'd like to find the Best Places in the Hotel Zone area.

I also am working on information on Mexican Wines on another post, but other Brandy, Tequila, Craft Beer or Vino related information would be appreciated.

Gracias amigos

Side Note, I am then staying for 5 nights at the "Moon Palace" all-inclusive resort. I am dreading the food. (Any recommendations on surviving an all-inclusive and or the Moon Palace specifically would be greatly appreciated too. As it is my wife's trip, I have to be a team player and not make it entirely about my eating Specifically the first 2 days are mine:)

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  1. HI, Not sure if I missed your vacation... I found the food at the palace resorts to be very good. I stayed at the Sun Palace and thought their food was excellent.

    1. Just got back from 3 weeks in Yucatan and Belize and had 3 last nights at the Hyatt. We ate at: La Paloma Blanca which is across the street from the Hyatt's main entrance. It was lovely, the creamy soup with huitlacoche and Oaxacan cheese was superb. Also around the corner is Hacienda La Mortero - also very good. We had our last dinner at the Grill at the Hyatt, shrimp with lime and coriander, filet mignon and some of the best carpaccio to start with. I also recommend La Jolla across the street at the Fiesta Americana.

      1. I tried a restaurant that I found on Trip advisor - La Palaba Belga - french food mixed in with a local accent - try it - the prices are very reasonable.