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May 21, 2010 06:17 AM

minetta tavern "supper" -- crowded on sat night? ++

do you think that if 2 people were to show up at minetta tavern around 12:30/1am on a saturday night, that there would be a long wait?

i just want the black label burger w/a leffe... i'm not looking to hang out with madonna or hang out with orlando bloom.... just dont want a place that the music is blaring & people are sitting on your lap, ya know?

i'm wondering whether it's big enough to share (2 women) or whether we should get the minetta burger as well and do a little burger review...

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  1. life is short. get both and do a review. you don't have to finish the fries. the burger alone certainly isn't enough to feed 2 for dinner

    1. Definitely not big enough to share, you'll need two burgers.

      If there's still a wait for a table, eating at the bar is a nice option.

      1. the stars must have aligned for me last night as i walked from Tribeca to the W. Village some time before midnight. i was hungry and alone and it was late on a Saturday. being alone meant that dinner, anywhere i'd go, would be half price. i knew i had to seize the opportunity, throw caution to the wind and snub my nose at good sense.

        i plunked down at the bar at Minetta, only waiting ten minutes for a seat. not ten minutes more, i had a black label burger in hand and mouth. the bar was full, but clearing, and there were a few open tables in the front. i didn't make it to the back to see if Orlando Bloom was having Madonna for dessert. the music was not so loud where you couldn't enjoy conversation. i think you'll do just fine.