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May 20, 2010 10:21 PM

where should i go on sunday night in paris

My wife and i are visiting paris with our 3 teenage children
We have booked as follows
Saturday night Aux Lyonnaise
sunday night no reservation
monday night Chez Dumonet Josephine
tuesday night KGB
wednesday night Frenchie
I would appreciate any suggestions for Sunday night and also any feedback on the other reservations if there is a view i should ammend to a different restaurant

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  1. Sunday night? Robert et Louise - Marais

      1. re: menton1

        To that list I would add Goumard, Chez Flottes, L'Ardoise and Le Castiglione, all in the 1st. None are "destinations", but just fine if you are in the area.

        1. re: menton1

          Love David, but there are other lists, for instance, and I like:
          16-18, place Gaillon, 2nd (Metro: Quatre-Septembre
          Open everyday
          Plat de jour 20 €, Lunch Menu 45 €, Menu-carte 67 €.

          Le Reminet
          3, rue des Grands-Degres, 5th (Metro : St Michel, Maubert-Mutualite)
          T :
          Open 7/7
          Lunch menu 13.50 €, dinner a la carte 40-60 €.

        2. IMHO three teenage kids would be bored to tears at all of these places. But, maybe you want to teach them to eat fine food correctly, not have fun.

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            Hi hychka, I am interested in yho or i would not have asked. Perhaps you will share with me your thoughts on fun places....recognising that we have to eat somewhere

            1. re: aussieDan

              Sunday with three teenagers sounds like one of the nicer brasseries to me. Never "fine dining" but large menus, pretty setting, lively; A few possibilities are Garnier, Terminus Nord, La Rotonde, La Gallopin.

              1. re: aussieDan

                I did not mean to be as abrupt or judgmental as my post reads...please forgive me.

                I was just recalling eating in those restaurants and thinking that my granddaughters, 14 and 17, would be perfect and proper little ladies, but not really have any fun. These are quiet places, as I recall, with subdued conversations, mostly about the food. And, there is nothing wrong with giving kids lessons in fine dining...I was a dean at a culinary school.

                And, most of the suggestions you received fit in nicely with those places you reserved. I couldn't fault a one.

                I'm saying, mix it up some.

                Laidback, above, is saying what I think. Show them the lights, the hustle and bustle, many choices on the card and board. I probably sound like a broken record on these two suggestions, but we really have fun at Au Dernier Metro and Bristro de Breteuil...the latter has improved some and the former has better food and more life, albeit tighter. We have entertained at both places and everyone, including youngsters left happy. And, scoff if you like, dear critics, my third suggestion, but Au Pied de Cochon is mentioned frequently in novels and movies. Your kids could say, "We ate there and it was fun!"

                1. re: hychka

                  "And, scoff if you like, dear critics, my third suggestion, but Au Pied de Cochon is mentioned frequently in novels and movies. Your kids could say, "We ate there and it was fun!" "
                  An excellent idea to take them someplace that has resonance with them and their peers, unlike some of the hot spots at the top of daily Chowhound that they and their peers have probably never heard of. (In fact, I could get more conversational mileage with MY friends if we hit more of these old names. :) )

            2. Where did you wind up on Sunday night? Hope it was nowhere near the Champs this past weekend, they had a big event "Nature Capitale" which converted the entire Champs Elysees into a big farm and garden! (Great fun for the kids!)