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May 20, 2010 10:08 PM

I am going to sleep with a belly full of liquor and want to wake to a plate full of pancakes (please respond ASAP)

Hey Chowhounds!

I am about to pass out after my first night in the wonderful city of Chicago! I am in town to watch my big sis graduate college (yay!) I am staying at the Residence Inn Marriott at Dearborn and Hubbard St (410 North Dearborn Street Chicago, IL 60654) in what I presume to be near downtown? I kinda blew into town and got drunk so I am not really sure where I am at. Where would be a good place to go after a few hours of drunken sleep for some good starchy fatty awesome breakfast food. Nothing touristy. I saw the rock and roll mcdonalds and I don't want a mcmuffin lol. Get back at me.

Sweet Dreams,


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  1. You are close to the Heaven on Seven on Wabash:
    (The branch on Rush is closer yet, but it does not serve breakfast.)

    1. The best pancakes aren't far, but they're not walking distance either. The Bongo Room has two locations. One in the South Loop and one in Wicker Park. The pancakes are unusual, seasonal and killer. And you can order a whole order of three (huge) pancakes or one or two of each.

      Pineapple Rhubarb French Toast
      Raspberry Oreo Flapjacks
      Strawberry Banana Hotcakes
      Lemon Ricotta Pancakes
      Berry And Banana Cheesecake Flapjacks
      White Chocolate & Caramel Covered Pretzel Pancakes

      Another option (also a short taxi drive) is the Original Pancake House on Bellevue and Rush. All kinds of excellent traditional pancakes, plus the enormous gooey apple pancake and the Dutch Baby. Mmmm.

      Bongo Room
      1470 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60642

      Bongo Room
      1152 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60605

      Original Pancake House
      22 E Bellevue Pl, Chicago, IL 60611

      1. Ohio House Coffee Shop

        Ohio House Coffee Shop
        600 N La Salle Dr, Chicago, IL 60654

        1. In another topic (at ) I calculated how far it was from the Hilton Garden Inn to a bunch of places that serve breakfast. You're about two blocks from that hotel, so the number of blocks I calculated is going to be similar for the Residence Inn.

          1 - Sable ( )
          1 - Restaurant at Conrad ( )
          2 - David Burke's Primehouse ( )
          3 - XOCO ( )
          3 - Eggsperience Pancakes and Cafe ( )
          3 - Sixteen ( )
          3 - Aja ( )
          5 - South Water Kitchen ( )
          6 - Fox & Obel ( )
          7 - LB Bistro in the Sheraton ( )
          7 - Orange ( - location at Clark and Superior)
          7 - Heaven on Seven ( - Wabash location)
          10 - Yolk ( - River North location)

          XOCO is really close and also very interesting, with Mexican street food from Rick Bayless whose restaurants around the corner are Frontera Grill and Topolobampo.

          I love the two options chicgail presented, which are my two favorite places for breakfast downtown, but they are not as close to you.

          >> Ohio House Coffee Shop

          That one's five blocks away.

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            Go to Orange, their Pancake Flight is always yummy!