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May 20, 2010 08:55 PM

Iris and MiLa

Okay, trying to decide on a place for an upscale dinner on a Monday night in NOLA. I've narrowed it down to MiLa or Iris. Thoughts? Instead of studying for my LSAT I'm obsessively researching meals and it's driving me insaaaaane! Am I the only one who does this type of thing? LOL.

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  1. No lilmoses you're not. Most food obsessed fellow Hounders on here seem to suffer from some form of OCD or other, but it's what keeps the posts flying! I can only speak from my own dining experience and I had a wonderful meal at the bar @ Mila. If I may suggest though eat at the bar not in the restaurant because you can order from both menus @ the bar but you can't order off the bar menu from in the restaurant.

    P.S. Iris IS on my places to eat @ when next again I'm in NOLA. Maybe you could try it and tell me what your experience was like! LOL!

    1. Have you tried Stella! on Chartres near Ursulines? Chef Boswell is a recent Beard Nominee and the restaurant may be the best meal in the Quarter. I've got photos up at my blog, but we had foie gras there that was out of this world. Also a salad of orange shooters and citrus, duck five ways... it was a meal I'll remember for ages.

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        Stella! is my dream restaurant for sure! I think it's just a little out of our price range though.

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          Fair enough. I haven't been to the others you're looking at MiLa or Iris (yet), so can't comment. Am eating my way through the city one trip at a time.

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            If Stella! seems too pricey I would suggest you hit Stanley up for breakfast or lunch, they are just on Jackson Square @ Chartres. The eggs Bennie po-boy I had was amazing and the GF hoovered her bananas foster french toast.

        2. I love both Iris and MiLa. The menu at MiLa is maybe a little bit more inventive, but the execution at both places is very good . Iris seems to offer larger portion sizes, if that matters. Both have bars that serve excellent cocktails, definitely among the best in the city. For me, the edge goes to Iris because I prefer the ambiance and decor there to MiLa, but it's really only a slight advantage. I don't think you'll be disappointed with either place.

          1. I agree with uptownlibrarian. The ambience at Iris is better, but to me the food at MiLa is better....either choice is good.

            1. I ate at Iris last Thursday. I had the Halibut. It was good - not great. Service was very good. Restaurant was pretty empty for 7:30.