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May 20, 2010 08:51 PM

Best Place in Wilmington, DE for a nice Anniversary Dinner?

Hello All!

I'm looking for a nice place in Wilmington, DE for an important anniversary dinner with my wife. It's been a while since any of the last posts I've read, and what with some restaurants closing, and quality always varying, does anyone have any good suggestions? We do both tend to like nicer upscale restaurants, but not stuffy ones. And pretty much we like good food, no matter what.

I understand the selection is somewhat limited, but we like pretty much anything. As an idea, we had a great time at La Mer in Oahu, but just as good of a time as we've had at Hungry Mother in Massachusetts. Just looking for something good and nice!

Any suggestions you would have would be great! Thanks!

La Mer
309 W 7th St Ste Lowr, Wilmington, DE 19801

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  1. I live in Wilmington, and our go-to spot for a celebratory nice-but-not-stuffy dinner is Sovana's Bistro in Kennett Square. (You can also BYO if you have a bottle of something on hand that's been waiting for a special occasion.)

    1. These days my go-to's are (still) Domaine Hudson and (recently added) Orillas Tapas. Both are in downtown Wilmington. I have no idea what the atmosphere is at the places you refer to in Hawaii and Massachusetts, but both the restaurants I'm recommending are on the fine dining side as far as price and food quality, but lively and friendly rather than white-tablecloth and formal. They are also both pretty loud, so if you're looking for a quiet romantic dinner, go elsewhere (the same can be said of Sovana in Kennett, which I also like, but it's half an hour outside Wilmington). The service at Domaine, in particular, is excellent.

      I have been to both of these places in the last month or two, so the recommendations are still current.

      Orillas Tapas Bar & Restaurant
      413 N Market Street, Wilmington, DE 19801

      1. Krazy Kat's north of town is very nice, good food, & semi-formal. Reservations can be made on OpenTable.

        Krazy Kats Restaurant
        Kirk Rd, Montchanin, DE 19710

        1. I would agree with travelmad478 about Domain Hudson. So go early to avoid the mild din that will follow. Also they recently changed chefs. The Green Room at the DuPont Hotel might work - although formal it is not stuffy. I ate there in March and had elk which was excellent. Certainly would be quiet and romantic.

          Green Room
          11th Market Sts, Wilmington, DE 19801