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Don Panza is Back (Now it is La Carreta Argentina)

snowwhiteRN May 20, 2010 08:39 PM

I'm so glad that we found Don Panza's again! They changed the name (now it is called La Carreta Argentina), the location and the menu has a bit more added to it, but the empanadas are delicious as always. http://www.lacarreta-argentina.com/

There were 8 of us and we ordered 3 dozen empanadas (so about 4 each). You do have to wait a little bit to get your food, but when you get it ....YUMMY! My favorite are the ham and cheese, but most people in our group liked the spicy beef. We also tried the garlic fries (good), a caprese salad (okay) and their version of potato salad (I'm a mustard potato salad girl, but I'll admit theirs was interesting in a good way and had peas in it!) Over all we LOVED it!

The new location is fabulous and I love the decor inside. The bar is gorgeous and should be opened next week according to the owners (hopefully their liquor license will be in). They plan to have Tango dancing sometimes and other dances/entertainment. There are lunch specials for $7.50 with a different special everyday.

I recommend it highly and think that the husband and wife who run it are very sweet and I wish them all the best of luck!

La Carreta Argentina
1115 Beckley Ave
Dallas, TX

Don Panza Restaurant
2850 W Clarendon Dr, Dallas, TX 75211