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May 20, 2010 08:31 PM

Dinner in Fresno

We're going to be in Fresno Fri nad Sat night - have been looking at boards for dinner ideas and found Limon which sounds good
Elsewhere I read good things about Diana's Armenian. Any feedback on that?
Looking for somewhere not super fancy but nice - or great ethnic - hear Armenian is good in Fresno and maybe Hmong/ but I'm not so good with really spicy food

Also any good lunch places in Tower district
and since I might as well add it wondering about where to stay - down town sounds somewhat unsafe/unfriendly after dark? other ideas?

El Paso St and Blackstone Ave, Fresno, CA

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  1. Since no one replied I htought I'd give some feedback on our experiences
    We had dinner at Limon on Fri - owner is child of owner of Limon in Mission. Food was pretty good. Had ceviche starter which was excellent - flavored with peruvian pepper - which had very pungent but not spicy flavor. Then partner had special Fri fish dish - kind of bouillabaisse good not superb. I had gilled prawns with sweet potato fries and cream sauce made with same pepper which was quite good. Serivce was good but waitress was a little snotty - maybe because we had a kid - though there were 4 other kids in the dining room - all behaving pretty well. I had one of hte house cocktails which was ok pisco with passion fruit. I thought it tasted a little watery
    Main courses ran 15-20 and ceviche I think around 10$
    My kid had a side of Mac n Cheese which was not great - very creamy sauce on mac with not much cheese flavor. he also had steamed broccoli side which was good

    Overall however good experience

    On Sun we went to Diana for lunch - great experience. Very nice to our kid. Excellend Lamb Sharwa sandwich, great vegetarian plate - one of the best bab gnoush I've had in a while - very smoky which I love - good taboule/fattoush. had baklanva for dessert which wasnt great - probably not baked htat day as sign in restaurant said.
    However would definitely go back again. All choices we had were under 410 and looked as if most entrees were around 12-15$

    We also had lunch on Sat in Tower district - not great Irene's basically americna diner type omlettes/breakfast/sandwiches/salads. Nothing remarkable
    I was amazed how few places in that area were open on Sat - most seem Mon-Fri.

    El Paso St and Blackstone Ave, Fresno, CA

    1. I just noticed Diana's the other night when we were going to an nearby restaurant. Fairly small place. Looked pretty cozy inside. But I have no idea as to the quality of food.

      Tower district has Veni Vidi Vici, The Landmark, Cucas, Tower Dogs and the Laughing Buddha as good choices. Veni's is the most expensive, The Dog the cheapest. In order they're Italian (fusion), Basque, Mexican, Hot Dogs and Thai. As to lodings, the nicer hotels downtown are fine. Private parking and all that stuff. Just don't go for any long strolls. There is also a Sheraton that isn't in an awful area and there are plenty of decent lodgings around the Shaw area. Just avoid anything on highway 99.

      Hope that helps!

      907 F St, Fresno, CA 93706

      Veni Vidi Vici
      1116 N Fulton St, Fresno, CA 93728

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        I just found your post, next time go to Hunan's over on Cedar & Herndon, the food is excellent there, especially the Buttercream Prawns with Strawberries. Irene's is pretty good in Tower, the food across the street at Sequoia Brewing is good also, the do a really great Calamari appetizer there. :)

        1. re: syrahgirl

          Updating to report that they are back to being closed on Mondays, the pace got to be a little too much.

          Couple of new dishes to try in case you've missed them, Tiger Skins, spicy charred peppers, even better than my wife's Italian Swiss relatives can do, 1,000 chile fish soup, Chef's special dumplings, and the amazing Two Sheets Salad.