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U-pick organic farms within SF Bay Area or reasonable driving distance?

Sorry if this was asked before.

I've found that Swanton Berry Farms in Davenport does a U-pick for strawberries, ollalies, blackberries (all organic).


Are there any others?

Any organic farms that do cherries and peaches in edition? Pickyourown.org doesn't mention if they are organic or not.

Any leads muchos appreciated!

Swanton Berry Farm
25 Swanton Rd, Davenport, CA 95017

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  1. There was an article in the Wed's SJ Mercury News Food & Wine section on cherries.

    Brentwood Cherries:
    Brentwood's U-Pick cherry season is scheduled to open May 22 @ Freitas Ranch (925-634-5461) & May 28 at Bacchini's Fruit Tree (925-634-3645) DC's Extraordinary Cherries (925-516-4495), & other area farms, but Call before you go.
    For more Brentwood U-Pick farm details, visit www.harvest4you.com

    Bacchini's Fruit Tree
    2010 Walnut, Bl Brentwood, CA

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      Saw the websites, but nothing mentioned of being organic or pesticide free. Any idea?

      1. re: K K

        Does anyone have a sense of timing of cherry picking - i.e., how long the season will last? I would really like to go, but likely won't have time until after June 25 or so. I heard there are also good peaches in the Brentwood area, but it seems like June will definitely be too late for peaches.

        1. re: Pandora

          June should be fine for peaches (this year is might even be early for peaches), but too late for cherries. There's a chart showing generally what's available when on the http://www.harvest4you.com/ site under "calendar."

    2. Here's the berry picking schedule for Webb Ranch in Portola Valley. Certified organic.

      Webb Ranch
      2720 Alpine Rd, Menlo Park, CA

      1. Not sure if they are organic, but Senk Farms said they'd be doing pick your own strawberries around Memorial Day.

        Senk Farms
        1369 Keiser Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

        1. Was doing a search for the same and came across this info on one of the u-pick websites. Just called and got an answering machine that stated they are organic and u-pick! $2.50 /lb.

          Brentwood Organic Cherries
          Concord Avenue & Orchard Lane, Brentwood, CA 94513
          Phone: 925-516-1365

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          1. re: alag

            woohoo! I'm there! Thank you for the info alag!

            1. re: indigirl

              You're welcome! I'm going tomorrow too! I also found Farmer's Daughter, which will have u-pick peaches later on this summer. They have other items too, but are closed this weekend for the holiday.

            2. re: alag

              oh darn, i just called and they are sold out for the year and won't be open for the rest of the season. :(. the search continues.

              1. re: jenarch

                arg! foiled again! I got that same message...

                1. re: indigirl

                  I had a great time picking cherries in Brentwood about 3 or 4 years ago. The cherries were bursting with goodness and the color of syrah. I went again last year and came back with zero cherries. The bings I found at 2 different farms were all unripe and the color of maraschino cherries. Everyone else was gleefully picking pounds of cherries this color, but I was sad to see such good fruit picked before their time.

                  1. re: felice

                    Some friends went this last wkend & brought back delicious Bings; a little tart still, but more than good enough for me. They weren't organic though.

              2. re: alag

                There's a place in Palo Alto with very limited hours. If only I could remember the name...

                1. re: Tumkers

                  I passed it today on the way home from Stanford. Webb Ranch! It is not far from the linear accelerator. They are only open Fri, Sat, Sun and they charge three bucks per person entrance fee. (Booo!) CCOF and herbicide-free, pesticide-free organic. It maybe be hit or miss if they are truly open (close during hot spells) or if they have lots of berries. see map at:

              3. I don't find Webb Ranch worth the effort. For the past few years, what is available are mostly berries and maybe some corn. The berries vines are picked over before the general public can get to them and what's left are small/under ripe and not really worth the effort. It is good for families on an outing as the farm is very children friend. I would drive further down to Swanton for berries; the strawberries are pretty good right now.

                Webb Ranch
                2720 Alpine Rd, Menlo Park, CA

                1. If two or so hours from Oakland (Livingston, CA) is reasonable, here is a link to a post I did on the California board for a u-pick next weekend for cherries and blueberries:


                  1. Pease Ranch doesn't spray their cherries, so they could be considered uncertified organic. http://www.yelp.com/biz/pease-ranch-b...

                    Pease Ranch
                    25175 Marsh Creek Rd, Brentwood, CA 94513

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                    1. re: KrazyDawg

                      Thanks for the post! I searched on eno farm and was interseted in going to pick their organic cherries. they have u-pick during this weekend 6/26-27. I am very attempting to check it out but the driving to brentwood is too long... we'll see. thanks again!

                    2. Went yesterday to pick organic Lapin & Rainier cherries at Enos Farm: http://www.enosfamilyfarms.com/U-Pick...

                      Small cute orchard, nice guy working there, tons of beautiful cherries just dripping off the trees. It's mostly Lapins w/ the Rainier trees mixed in. No ladders necessary. Go now!

                      1. Just got from a few hours ago from Pease Ranch and like the other posting said they do not spray. Cherries were great, people were super friendly and all at 2 bucks a pound. Don't know the name of the place, but the people at Pease Ranch recommended the people next door who sell U pick Organic Peaches and Nectarines. The Nectarines were not ready, but they had two kinds of White Peaches to pick... all organic. Would recommend as well.

                        1. I've made it to Swanton Berry Farms twice since posting, but have not done any cherry picking so far.

                          SBF is located in Davenport, but they lease some land in Coastways Ranch, right across Ano Nuevo State Park in Pescadero for growing U-pick strawberries (where everyone should be going). All organic, and $2.50 /lb. The quality so far has been inconsistent and the bigger and darker berries do not necessarilyi mean tastier (in fact some of the disfigured little runts happened to be some of the best tasting ones of the bunch). It's certainly great fun for families and kids, but there are better tasting (albeit more expensive) berries at your local farmers market (e.g. San Carlos or San Mateo).

                          Swanton Berry Farm
                          25 Swanton Rd, Davenport, CA 95017

                          Coastways Ranch
                          640 Cabrillo Hwy, Pescadero, CA