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May 20, 2010 06:44 PM

Don Coqui in New Rochelle

My wife and I went to try this place out after the positive review in the NY Times. We were not crazy about it when it was MacMennamin's, but thankfully they still hold some of the best cooking classes for kids in Westchester.

Very friendly atmosphere and we happened to come there on karaoke night. That got me worried, but it turned out that a few of the employees did nearly all the singing -- a combination of Latina and US pop hits -- and they were surprisingly enjoyable. The decent sized crowd on a Tuesday night was a combination of couples and girls night out.

The centerpiece dishes seem to be the paellas, and after seeing one served at the next table, I had to order a traditional one. Let me tell you I don't know how one person could eat one of those. A moist combination of Spanish rice, lobster, chorizo, shrimp and other goodies, I thought the dish was quite good. I had to take the rest home and have it for lunch a couple of days later -- there was plenty left over.

My wife and I had glasses of sangria, which definitely were a bit on the strong side.

The staff was quite friendly too.

We are looking forward to returning and trying something completely different.

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  1. We went to Don Cocqui last week to celebrate my brother's birthday. Like PlasticMoonRain, I was not a big fan of Macmenamins, I love the new decor of Don Cocqui and we enjoyed the salsa dancing on a Thursday night very much. However, I have to say I thought the paella was mediocre, would have preferred a smaller, but better tasting, portion. The mixed drinks (Mojitos, Sangria) were weak, imho. All in all, it was an experience, but overpriced for a not very satisfying meal. If I was ever to return, I would just have an appetizer and salad.