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lunch in/near Hartford tomorrow

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Greetings! I'll be traveling to Boston tomorrow along I-91 and then I-84, and passing through Hartford right at lunchtime.

What would be the one place to go on this route that is within 5 minutes of the highway, and within about 30 minutes of Hartford on either side? I have been there literally once in my life, and we just ate at a sports bar near the Civic Center.

I'm open to any kind of food high or low... ideally I would love to try a local specialty, the equivalent of New Haven pizza or Baltimore crab cake or Cincinnati chili. That said, absent a recommendation we will try Max Downtown.

thanks, Chowhounders!

p.s. I need to hear from you by 11 p.m. tonight. I know, I know...

Max Downtown
City Place, 185 Asylum St., Hartford, CT 06103

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  1. Firebox has been on my list to try for some time, but I haven't had the chance to go. It gets great reviews on this board.

    You can get New Haven pizza off of 84 in Manchester (Pepe's), but I've not been there. There are reviews here if you have a few minutes to search.

    As to local specialties, the only others I can think of would be shore destinations (seafood--lobster roll, scallop roll, clam roll) and not on course for this trip.

    I really like Feng (also downtown)--it's on Asylum opposite CityPlace (you can't miss it--it's our tallest building) and have enjoyed many, many lunches there. Around the corner from there is Trumbull Kitchen, which also gets great reviews both here and from people I've worked with.

    Hopefully, one of these places is of interest. Let us know where you choose and how you liked it.

    Trumbull Kitchen
    150 Trumbull St., Hartford, CT 06103

    Feng Asian Bistro
    93 Asylum Street, Hartford, CT 06103

    1. Feng is a good recommendation, but you may have trouble parking in the area. Firebox has good local food and they have their own parking lot. It's on Broad St. in Hartford. Trumbull Kitchen has very good and interesting food, but parking may be a problem there too.

      Trumbull Kitchen
      150 Trumbull St., Hartford, CT 06103

      Feng Asian Bistro
      93 Asylum Street, Hartford, CT 06103

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        Agree with you on parking 100 percent. Both Feng and TK are much easier to deal with when you already park downtown for work. :)