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May 20, 2010 04:18 PM

BBQ/Southern/country food pilgrimage from DC to Western Virginia

Hi folks -

I'm taking a friend of mine, who has never before experienced the delights of Southern cooking, on a short pilgrimage to experience what the South has to offer. We're looking for a variety of cheap eats, but in particular:

Carolina BBQ
Texas (or other tomato based) BBQ
Pecan pie

I'm also planning on hitting up a Waffle House or similar greasy spoon for a breakfast centered on grits (or biscuits and gravy), and a Bojangles (if possible) for some real sweet tea and a chicken sandwich (I'm from NC, so BoJ's is non-negotiable).

Would appreciate any and all suggestions - particularly for BBQ in central/western VA, but others are welcome. We'll probably make it as far west as the George Washington/Jefferson National Forests. The route is flexible.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hi sammana14,
    Oh, I hope you don't go to a Waffle House, unless it's at 2:00am. You'll be lucky to find instant grits there, and probably no biscuits. There should be a decent local breakfast place in most towns. If you end up on I-81, Rowe's in Staunton is a 3 meals a day place. Homemade breads, pies, old lady waitresses. It's on Rt 250 east just off the I-81 exit. You'd do okay at an Iron Skillet Truck Stop or a Cracker Barrel (actually has areally good southern breakfast, and fine beans and greens for lunch) if you can't find a local breakfast place.

    I can't help you with out of state-style BBQ. But Virginia BBQ (Fredericksburg and other locations) serves both NC and VA-style sauces, and it's passable.