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May 20, 2010 04:02 PM

Help on choosing bbq grill

I am in the market to buy a new griller. And what would be better than asking foodies here for recommendation.

I have my eyes on the griller on sale at superstore for 450$ (the 79000 BTU one, complete with searing burner, rotiserrie burner). But I don't know if grills sold at superstore are any good quality.

Any recommendation people?

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  1. big box stores = big no no

    instead of some giant "blingy" bbq made of sheet metal with a crappy wire grill that will last 2 years, for the same $ you can go to barbecues galore and get a cast Broil King beast that will outlive you AND your children :P (ok, that last part may have been a stretch, but you know what i mean hehe)

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      I concur. My Weber from BBQ galore is still going strong from many moons ago. Go for build quality and for the features you will actually use. I haven't replaced a thing in my Weber since I bought it., although I may have to buy a new BBQ cover this year. Don't worry about BTUs if the build quality is there. Generally speaking, you'll be replacing parts from cheaper BBQs in 3 years.

      You don't have to buy Weber - just buy good quality if plan on BBQing a lot..

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        AH-HAHAHA! Funny you should mention "you'll be replacing parts from cheaper BBQs in 3 years", because on my 2007 Closeout Sears Kenmore grill (w/ "Grill@Night" handle), guess what I'm having to do...


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        What's with spam web site? It's just a spam site with links to who knows where.

      3. just got a big steel keg. adore it

        1. Yep I agree with all said so far. I bought a Broil King for $800, 11 years ago from BBQ Galore and it`s still going strong. It`s looks a little dirty but not one part has been replaced. I think you get what you pay for with a BBQ. Some people buy cheap and keep replacing every few years but I`m not a big proponent of the `throw away`economy we seem to live in.

          1. We bought a charcoal grill from Rona last fall, already assembled off the floor. Nice machine for the price. Some screws rusted since then, but all else still great.

            Here is a picture of the one I WANT...

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            1. re: worldwidestuff

              I'll come help test that out when you get it :)

            2. I also agree to avoid SS or even Costco -- they all have stuff that looks tempting and go to BBQs Galore. Also, ask yourself what you're using it for ( simple steaks and burgers vs. rotisserie, smoking, etc. ) and how much you're going to use it and that will help you decide which one you want.

              Also if you want Stainless Steel make sure that all parts are stainless steel. Some parts look like they are but they're not and they'll rust.

              That being said, we bought a Vermont Castings from Trail Appliances. It was pricey but we BBQ a lot and feel it's worth it. Oh yeah, unless you're really mechanical, it is worth the $50.00 to get it assembled!

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