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May 20, 2010 02:28 PM

Suggestions for romantic dinner in Berlin

My husband and I will be in Berlin to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary, and while I am making my list of places to visit during our 8 day stay, I am looking for a recommendation for the anniversary date. Obviously romantic- but I lean towards small, tasteful, sweet places rather than over-the-top, super formal places. Just not crowds of boisterous 20 year old, if you know what i mean. Not particular about what type of food, but would prefer something creative and original, rather than traditional french or pizza or something like that. Obviously exellent food is a must!! We eat basically everything. I guess price should not be an issue! but if its not idiculously expensive that would benice too! Thanks.

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  1. Le Cochon Bourgeois, for example, sounds like a good option. Other ideas around that same line would be great!

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      Hartmanns is on the same street and might be slightly more romantic. Neither one of them will break your bank. Restaurant and Weinbar Rutz seems to be quite popular

      It'd be easier for me to suggest things if you could elaborate a bit about what you consider romantic.... fireplace (it's cold enough here at the moment, unfortunately)? Darkness? Classy atmoshpere?

      I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary at Margaux, which was probably the best (and most expensive) meal I've had in town, but I found the atmosphere to be a bit...stuffy, so that may not fit your bill in terms of not super-formal.

      Maybe Mâ might fit your bill -- it's got a very cool interior, and the food is creative, modern Asian. Expensive.

      Another option might be Reinstoff. Younger owners, a bit on the molecular side with regional ingredients. I haven't been, but judging from the photos, it looks like it could be romantic.

      One of my favorite Italian places is Trattoria Paparazzi. Decidedly the cheapest option, the waiters can be cheesy, the interior is interesting, but there are some romantic corners. I love their pasta & antipasti, though it may not fit your bill for outstanding food.

      Any restrictions neighborhood-wise?

    2. You might also want to check out Die Traube and Paris-Moskau.

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        thanks for all this! i guess i don't really care so much about it being really romantic- just not super loud or very casual place. but really just a wonderful eating experience.

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          Well, I think you'll enjoy Cochon, Hartmanns, Reinstoff, and Rutz - save for Cochon, those are all German cuisine.

          Hope you have a lovely anniversary!