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ISO Luzianne tea in San Francisco area

After lurking for years and being educated and entertained (thank you, SF Chowhounders), I finally have a question that does not seem to have been asked yet:

This weekend, I'm making a traditional eastern North Carolina dinner (pork BBQ, slaw, Brunswick stew, hush puppies, banana pudding, etc.) and it's got to have some sweet ice tea to wash it all down. Back where I'm from, everyone thinks Luzianne makes the best iced tea.

Does anyone know of a grocer or market that sells Luzianne tea in San Francisco or near San Francisco? I'm in the Sunset, and I can drive elsewhere if necessary.

Thanks for any leads...

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  1. A couple of posts from LA Board last year.
    Walmart has Luzianne tea bags, small and large bags.
    Definitely the one in Rosemead where I've bought them.
    My Albertsons(now Lucky's) in Anaheim carries them. So does Ralphs.
    If all else fails call Luzianne for possible distributers.

    1. If you find some, please post where. I am almost out of the stash I have.

      1. I think I've seen it at the Lucky's in Pleasant Hill. I'm going to work under the assumption that all of the Lucky's in the area would have it.

        1. I'd never heard of Luzianne tea until this post, so I had to immediately find out where I could get some.

          Seems they don't sell in the SF Bay Area, that's what one lady said, not sure how true that is. Hope others can find it. I'll keep my eyes open.

          She said I could place a mail order at 800-692-7895 or use their website:

          1. I've seen the family-sized Luzianne iced tea bags at Walmart Supercenters in Southern California and Las Vegas.

            1. Try Safeway or Target. I have seen the tea at both. My wife is from Louisiana so I have had my fair share of sweet tea and have been on the lookout for Luzianne.

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                Thanks to the above posters. I've looked at two Safeways (Noriega St. and the one in West Lake SC in Daly City), and they don't have it. I'll try the Target and Lucky's near me next. Wal-Mart will have to wait until I go to the East Bay, but I may go back to NC before that so I'll bring back a load then. Last trip to NC, I mailed my clothes and filled my suitcase full of cured pork parts and cornmeal from the Piggly Wiggly - yummmm! Oh, and White Lily flour.

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                  I also emailed them, No Luzianne tea in the entire SF Bay Area!!

              2. We're heading out that way from Charlotte in June - will be staying Pine St., between Jones and Leavenworth

                We'll do carry on but if you reccommend a great authentic Chinese place maybe we'll trade you so tea. . .

                1. Original poster here - Yesterday, I went to Vallejo to meet a visiting relative, and then went to the American Canyon WalMart to hunt for Luzianne. Score!!! I bought 3 boxes. Maybe the other WalMarts in the East Bay have it, too?

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                    haha, I find that Lipton black or orange pekoe works just as well, but kudos on the hunt and result.

                    More important question is - where are you obtaining the pork shoulder and coals for the bbq itself? I have a copy of Holy Smoke from my North Carolina days and want to do a summer bbq some weekend...

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                      Hi, sorry for the long time to reply. If you are still interested, I have purchased 5 - 7 lbs of pork shoulder, or pork butt, from various places: Guerra's Meats on Taraval St., Andronico's, Whole Foods, all in SF. Last month, cost was about $5/lb at Guerra's and Andronico's, and $4.50/lb at Whole Foods. Bone in or out, doesn't matter.

                      Since this is really not fancy food, I just use Kingsford charcoal. I do use woodchips for the smoking. Traditionally, the wood would be hickory; some people mix in some fruitwood, like apple or pear, but I can't tell the difference in the flavor. Oak works, too; I wouldn't use mesquite, though.

                      The most important part is the cooking technique. I've gotten good results using the method described at this website; very important to use Juancho's split grill technique:


                      Since I live in the foggy, cold Sunset, I bought a small Weber grill, because I knew I would use it only about 2x a year. I smoked my butt for about 5 hours, got a great smoke ring, then finished the cooking in the house oven: about 4 more hours at 225 degrees. Then I chunked and shredded the meat, sauced it with the eastern NC vinegar sauce, put it in the fridge overnight in a 9x13 pyrex dish covered with foil, then reheated it at about 275 - 300 degrees the next day about 30 - 45 minutes before dinner. You can fiddle with covering/ uncovering the dish to get the moisture of the meat right; serve with extra vinegar sauce.

                      Bob Garner's North Carolina Barbecue book also tells how to cook a pork shoulder in a Weber using a very similar method.

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                        Thanks for the response, but since my post I've moved back to North Carolina, so needless to say my sourcing is just a bit easier nowadays!

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                      WOW! Thanks for the tip on Walmart in American Canyon. I'll try the Walmart in my area. I'm going to email this thread to Luzianne!

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                        Hard to believe that the LA hounds got it right upthread.
                        A couple of posts from LA Board last year.
                        Walmart has Luzianne tea bags, small and large bags.
                        Definitely the one in Rosemead where I've bought them.

                        1. re: wolfe

                          Wouldn't surprise me if Walmart isn't Luzianne's largest distributor.

                      1. re: dferguson

                        Maybe spending $7 ground shipping for a $3 box of tea bags makes sense to you.