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May 20, 2010 12:09 PM

ISO Luzianne tea in San Francisco area

After lurking for years and being educated and entertained (thank you, SF Chowhounders), I finally have a question that does not seem to have been asked yet:

This weekend, I'm making a traditional eastern North Carolina dinner (pork BBQ, slaw, Brunswick stew, hush puppies, banana pudding, etc.) and it's got to have some sweet ice tea to wash it all down. Back where I'm from, everyone thinks Luzianne makes the best iced tea.

Does anyone know of a grocer or market that sells Luzianne tea in San Francisco or near San Francisco? I'm in the Sunset, and I can drive elsewhere if necessary.

Thanks for any leads...

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  1. A couple of posts from LA Board last year.
    Walmart has Luzianne tea bags, small and large bags.
    Definitely the one in Rosemead where I've bought them.
    My Albertsons(now Lucky's) in Anaheim carries them. So does Ralphs.
    If all else fails call Luzianne for possible distributers.

    1. If you find some, please post where. I am almost out of the stash I have.

      1. I think I've seen it at the Lucky's in Pleasant Hill. I'm going to work under the assumption that all of the Lucky's in the area would have it.

        1. I'd never heard of Luzianne tea until this post, so I had to immediately find out where I could get some.

          Seems they don't sell in the SF Bay Area, that's what one lady said, not sure how true that is. Hope others can find it. I'll keep my eyes open.

          She said I could place a mail order at 800-692-7895 or use their website:

          1. I've seen the family-sized Luzianne iced tea bags at Walmart Supercenters in Southern California and Las Vegas.