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May 20, 2010 10:48 AM

Summer in Niantic

I'm looking for good, affordable, casual dining in the Niantic area for summertime visits to the beach. We're stuck in a rut with breakfast at the Shack, dinner at Dad's, and ice cream at Dad's or Hallmark. Last summer we ventured into New London with some success, and I'm wondering what else we've been missing within Niantic/East Lyme itself, or within a 15 minute drive?

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  1. Add Illiano's Grill on Flanders Road to your list. Very good pizza, calzones, lasagna etc. They have good choices for slices also if you need a quick lunch. We vacation in Niantic area each summer as well, took us a while to find this place, best in the area.

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      We've also liked Singapore Grill & Sushi Bar in New London, Sonny the owner usually visits your table, explains the specials and preparation of the menu items. My wife who is not so willing to try new foods has broadened her range as a result.