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May 20, 2010 09:44 AM

In search of Asian/dumpling blog/recipes

I've found a few decent recipes on Steamykitchen. Any recs?

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  1. I've had good results with "Steamy Kitchen" and "Use Real Butter".

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      1. re: pete k

        Use Real Butter has a fairly easy recipe that I'm going to try tonight. Thanks again!

        any other recs?

        1. re: pete k

          How did the dumplings turn out?

          1. re: dave_c

            not bad at all for my first time...I need some major help with my folding technique...otherwise they were great.

            a few pics i took..




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      1. Have you seen Andrea Nguyen's new book on Asian Dumplings? Perhaps check it out of your library? Here's her website.


        1. There are a couple of posts going on right now on Chowhound re: xiao long bao (soupy pork dumplings) and there's also a video about how to "pleat" them under Chowhound videos.

          Steamy Kitchen's quite good, however.

          One of the more important things that non-Chinese people forget when making dumplings is the dipping sauce. It's really hard to get the right combination of garlic/ginger/vinegar/soy... I find that more of a conundrum than even the dumpling filling!

          I'll be at a restaurant and try to de-construct the sauce but there's always something in there (sesame oil, scallions, other special ingredients) that I can't figure out.

          Right now, I use 1/2 cup soy, 1/4 cup white vinegar (no, you don't have to use rice wine vinegar), 2 Tbs. sesame oil, a smooshed garlic clove, 2 Tbs. grated fresh ginger and some hot pepper flakes for a serviceable dumpling sauce.

          Good luck!

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            Have you tried substituting Chinese black vinegar for white vinegar? It adds flavor as well as sourness. I don't use garlic either, I think it would be too over-powering.