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May 20, 2010 09:40 AM

What's good nearby Standard Club hotel?

We are coming up to Chicago Saturday, and staying at the Standard Club. We like all kinds of food (except vegetarian/vegan), and not to upscale. What's nearby we should check our for B, L, D? Also, any good blues clubs nearby?

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  1. The Standard Club is in the heart of the Loop Business District. You may want to search the Board using "Loop," "Theater District," and also "Palmer House" (a hotel about 2 blocks from the SC) to see your range of choices. Here are a few suggestions:

    1. For your coffee fix, go across the street to Intelligentsia Coffee in the Mondadnock Building. Intelligentsia is a small, local chain which by consensus has some of the best coffee in the city.

    2. The Atwood Cafe in the Burnham Hotel on State Street, the Gage on Michigan Ave. across from Millennium Park, and Trattoria No. 10 on Dearborn are 3 nearby restaurants, all of which have good food. Atwood is American and comfort food. The Gage is a gastropub. Trattoria No. 10 is Italian.

    3. The Standard Club is within 1 block of the blue, green and red El lines (among others). If you want to get out into the neighborhoods or sample ethnic cuisine, you can take the Blue Line to Bucktown/Wicker Park (search the Board for ideas), the Red Line south to Chinatown, or the Red Line north to Argyle St., where there are a number of Asian restaurants.

    4. If you are looking for a longer walk (or short cab), you can walk south on Michigan Ave, south of Congress, into the "South Loop." Search the Board for choices, but among the restaurants in that area are Mercat ala Planxa (tapas & Spanish), Oysy (sushi), and Custom House (American).

    5. If you are looking for Chicago style pizza, there is a Giordanos on west Jackson, near the Sears Tower (now formally called "Willis Tower") and Lou Malnatti's on S. State St. (in the S. Loop).

    7. You can also walk north, across the river, and will be in the heart of River North (to the west of Michigan Ave.) and Streeterville (to the east of Michigan Ave). There are literally hundreds of restaurants up there.

    Give us a bit more of a clue of what kind of food, atmosphere, and price range you have in mind, if you want more assistance.

    Intelligentsia Coffee
    3123 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL 60657

    Custom House Tavern
    500 S Dearborn, Chicago, IL 60605

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    1. re: masha

      Those are excellent suggestions from masha. Here are just a few more.

      For mid-priced Italian, my favorite in the Loop is Vivere, in the Italian Village complex.

      You can walk ten minutes to our new French Market in one of the commuter train stations, where you'll find a lot of vendors. Highlights include Pastoral for cheese and sandwiches, Vanille Patisserie for entremets and croissants, Canady for artisanal chocolates, and Delightful Pastries for their rainbow cookies.

      Everest is very close by. It's an expensive French restaurant, which may not be what you're looking for. But if you want to try it, it's excellent, one of our very best. It has a great view of the city from the 40th Floor of the Midwest Stock Exchange Building. Jackets required for gentlemen. For 5:00/5:30 seatings they have a limited prix fixe menu, 3 courses for $50.

      For cajun/creole breakfast and lunch, you can walk to Heaven on Seven on Wabash.

      For steaks, Petterinos.

      For breakfast, if you want more than a pastry with coffee from Intelligentsia, here are a couple of suggestions. Bongo Room is just under a mile away, at Wabash and Roosevelt; they specialize in unique pancake dishes, such as their pretzel pancakes with white chocolate caramel sauce. Tip - a standard order is three ENORMOUS pancakes, but you can get a one-third or two-thirds portion size at reduced prices, which lets you try more than one dish if you like. You can also walk west to Lou Mitchell's, a longtime favorite of commuters passing through the nearby train stations.

      BTW, regarding Buddy Guy's - an excellent suggestion from ferret for a blues club - note that they are moving. You'll find details on their website.

      1. re: nsxtasy

        My office is in the CBA Building directly across from the Standard Club. The French Market is halfway to my place in the West Loop. I walk there often and also to the newish Jewel and it takes me between 15 to 20 minutes not 10 minutes. That's walking without stopping to admire the buildings and river. That said, it is a nice walk.

        An easier alternative is to walk a half block south and hop on the Pink Line at the Harold Washington Library stop and go to Clinton. That's five minutes and you get to ride around the loop.

        It also puts you at New Line Bar and Prairie Fire and then you can walk off the calories on the way home!

    2. Buddy Guy's club is about 3/4 of a mile away.

      1. As mentioned above, my office is directly across the street from the Standard Club.

        Next door to the CBA Building is the Plymouth. Not for food, although I grab lunch there often, but for their roof top bar. Kinda cool views of the landmark Fisher Building and the Harold Washington Library.

        Cafecito on Congress is nearby for Cuban Sandwiches.
        There's a Garrett's a half a block away for popcorn.
        Hackney's a few blocks south for burgers and beer.
        And their taco place Flaco's Tacos which is open late.
        Miller's Pub is also open late which is good thing if you are coming back from Buddy Guy's and want a bite.
        There's an Edwardo's pizza place a couple blocks away.
        As mentioned above, Heaven on Seven (not open for dinner on Saturdays) I usually grab a gumbo and jalapeno muffin to go and enjoy them in the park.

        You have access to the Blue, Red, Green, Pink, and Brown lines easily. One day pass = $5.75, 3 day pass = $14.00. Take advantage, get out of the loop!

        26 E Congress Pkwy Ste 1, Chicago, IL 60605

        Miller's Pub
        134 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60603

        Flaco's Taco's
        725 S Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 60605

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        1. re: delk

          As appealing as the Plymouth Grill may seem for proximity. if nothing else, it's godawful for food.

          1. re: ferret

            I said, NOT for food, but the roof top bar, which is a convenient place to grab a drink.

        2. For a cheap quick lunch around the corner from Standard Club, get some grilled chicken at Chicken Planet.

          Chicken Planet
          21 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60604

          1. Cafecito at Wabash and Congress is also open for breakfast, and is only a couple blocks from the Standard Club.
            Cavanaugh's, which is right across the street in the Monadnock Building, is fine for lunch.

            26 E Congress Pkwy Ste 1, Chicago, IL 60605