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May 20, 2010 09:16 AM

Broken egg shell question

I did do a search on the boards for this question but didn't come up with anything. Just a few minutes ago I was bringing in bags from the car - a bag ripped and of course the eggs fell out (it has been that kind of monring). Four eggs broke. I immediately took out the broken ones and put them in a dish in the frig (still inside the broken shells). The eggs a very fresh - from a private farm - not commercial. I am thinking that they will be okay if I use them tonight to make a frittatta or quiche. The issue is not wanting to waste them - money is not an issue since I don't pay for the eggs and even if I did it is still not a lot of money.

what do you think? cook or toss?

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  1. If nothing is leaking from them, I would say go ahead and cook them tonight. You may want to hard boil them, and cook them all the way through, just to be on the safe side. I probably wouldn't eat these, over easy, say.

    1. Fiona, Assuming no one in your household is immune-supressed, I think you could hard boil or otherwise fully cook the eggs and be okay. Since I don't like my quiche "fully cooked", I think the frittata would be a good use of the eggs.

        1. I'm not sure what the concern is? Contact with the outside of the shell? I think that'd be of (truly) minimal concern even if you were planning to eat them raw, unless you're at special risk.

          As for egg guts themselves, so to speak, raw eggs out of the shell will keep fine in the fridge for a couple of days, let alone a few hours - cook 'em any way you want.

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            Prolly salmonella is the primary concern, which can be also found _on_ the shell. Thus, a broken shell will increase the chance of salmonella.

            I agree with you nevertheless that the chances are negligible if healthy and heated through properly ... well, been all said before. :)

            1. re: Ze German

              Yes, that's what I was thinking too, Ze German.

          2. That's happened here plenty of times. I've never had a problem when cooking with them, though on general principles I make sure to do so the same day. I'd think twice about using them raw, as in carbonara or Caesar salad, but cooked, no worries. If the eggs are leaking, crack them and put them in a covered container because the dehydrating cold air in the fridge may cause a skin to form on the raw liquid.

            Supposedly if there is salmonella it is inside the egg, not on the shell. Jacques Pepin always advises cracking eggs on a flat surface, because using an edge can force chips of shell into the white, but 1) if bacteria are on the inside, it's a moot point, and 2) since you have to press in to the crack in order to open the crack, chips of shell can still contact the white.