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May 20, 2010 08:59 AM

Marnie’s Asian Kitchen in Putnam Valley

Liz Johnson has a bit about a new Asian noodle place in Putnam Valley. Apparently the person used to run a place in Greenwich Village that was discussed here and where someone actually posted last month that they had opened in PV. It was written up in March in Hudson Valley Magazine (the link is on their home page, as is the link to today's piece by Liz -- they work quick -- they'll probably find this and link to it as well!).

It sounds great, I need to find time to go. I added the info in a link here but it doesn't seem to be taking, so here is their website:

Marnie’s Asian Kitchen
64 Pudding St, Putnam Valley, NY 10579

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  1. thanks for the heads up! i'm definitely going to check this place out...

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    1. re: applesauce23

      Great, please report back. if this place is any good, it probably instantly becomes the best Asian restaurant in Putnam County! Not thrilled about having to drive across the Taconic on Pudding Street to get home, but I guess lots of people do it every day, the vast majority without incident.

      I probably will not be able to get there for a couple of weeks.

    2. Just ate at Marnie's today and it was just as I remembered from the West Village. GREAT!!
      Her Pad Thai is the best and I love those spicy Asian wings! Got to support her, now that she's back.

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      1. re: TacStump

        just planned a ladies' night out for mid-june at marnie's. will definitely report back...

        i'm so excited to hear that she has great pad thai! thanks for that info, tacstump. any other recs?

      2. I love that she's so close off the Taconic...I'll have to stop there the next time I'm on the Taconic and have some extra time to eat!

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        1. re: Solstice444

          Ate at Marnie's today. Right off the Pudding Street Exit on the Taconic. New and Bright. Funky seating for about 20 people. Not fancy in the least. The owner was serving and cooking, probably washing the dishes as well. The food was VERY GOOD. I tried three Appetizers and two Noodle Entrees. All were right on the money. The price about $40 out the door with soft drinks (no Liquor License).

        2. Just went to Marnie's for dinner. I love that it's so close to the Taconic. The decor is great...really comfortable and casual. It was the perfect place for a girls' night out. I enjoyed my eggrolls. The pad thai was a little on the watery side and too spicy for my taste, but I should have asked for it to be mild. Her chocolate chip cookies were the perfect way to end the meal. I will definitely keep it in mind for future lunch dates...

          1. Delish! Family lunch today was great. Everyone from my 7 yo, 10 yo, to 65 yo MIL thought it was great. Children enjoyed noodles. SIL and I had the pad thai which was a little too vinegary for my taste. Southeastern noodles were great, noodles special with pork was great, MIL practically licked the bowl of the buckwheat noodles soup with spinach and mushrooms. DH said that the Korean noodles were good too. We enjoyed the wings, as well as the egg roll. Summer salad of local tomatoes, red onion, lime, and cilantro was outstanding in its freshness and simplicity. I split it, and wished I had it all to myself!