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Jul 1, 2005 06:18 PM

Enough of the praise ... what's the 5 WORST of LA?

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Based on quality/quantity/service/decor and just overall lack of chowhound-ness, here's my slate of 5 worst for los angeless.

From worst to worstest ...

1. Crustacean
2. Chi
3. Mr. Chow
4. Madre's
5. Asia de Cuba

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  1. Good list--can we sub Xiomara and Enoteca Drago?

    1. ipse, tell me about chi? Just saw it featured in the LA Times rest mag and was thinking of trying--at least for a drink...

      1. I'm fortunate enough to have gone to only one of those you listed. Unfortunately, it's your #1 choice for "worstest".


        1. Trader Vic's - now under the control of Merv Griffin's Hilton food & beverage people who clearly never went to a Trader Vic's restaurant in their lives. The old wait staff is bluntly, unmistakably, ashamed at what is coming out of the kitchen. Only the bartender seems to be able to deliver a smidgen of what the old Vic's was like. A totally necedless self-inflected corporate suicide.

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          1. re: Kim

            Merv sold the hotel a year ago!

            1. re: Kim

              Completely agree about Trader Vic's, hadn't been for years and when I walked in immediately smelled the grease from 40 Years ago and the food tasted like it. I think Merv Griffin sold the Hilton a while back so no longer can be blamed for serving crap.

            2. Border Grill is on my list.

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              1. re: Xericx

                Border Grill is on my list too = I still have the headache I got last time I was there because the acoustics are so appaling. Together with the food. Ugh.

                La Serenata, Pico WLA branch is a horrible translation of the one downtown - portions so small we left hungry and condesending service.

                La Bruschetta in Westwood used to be marvellous but this has hit rock bottom in food and service. Won't go back there and was a client for years.

                1. re: Zoe

                  Ciudad as well. Sloppy, cold food served by punk ass, do nothing servers in a nasty outdoor setting. I may have caught them on a bad night - ate there 2x previous and it was - but NOBODY gets a second shot after that. Ruined a really nice birthday night out.