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Archibald's sauce

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Does anyone know if Archibald's in Northport bottles and sells their sauce? I live out of state and would love to be able to have it occasionally.


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  1. Apparently they don't. I just looked up the Southern Foodways Alliance interview with George Archibald, and he said the sauce is a secret. Won't even describe the taste of it.

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      Thanks for letting me know. I was afraid that might be the case.
      Oh well, a reason to visit.

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        They do bottle and sell it. I bought two gallons there a couple months ago. Just call George and give him a heads up so they'll have it to spare.

        Unfortunately they don't sell it via mail order but that gives you a good reason to visit the best barbecue joint in the US.

        1. re: scrumptiouschef

          Great news! Thanks! ....packing the car now.....

    2. Yeah they do.They sold me about a gallon of it (my fave sauce ever) just ten days ago.The good news is you'll have to go there to get some.You might want to bring your own bottle.Enjoy