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May 20, 2010 07:55 AM

Morelia and chongos.

I am going to spend a weekend in Morelia....1-Could anyone please recomend a place where i can buy chongos zamoranos by the liter, i want to bring some home... 2- a good regional cusine restaurant ....i don´t care if they have Villeroy china, what im looking for is corundas with suculent pork stew and the thickest cream, sopa tarasca....what else should i try, is there a regional cheese, liqueur?

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  1. Xacinta! Email me and let's get together while you're here in Morelia...we can go for comida to the best regional restaurant I know. I would love to watch your reaction to the food--it's stupendous. Queso y crema del rancho, incredible uchepos, fantastic toqueres, aporreadillo for the gods... You will love it.

    Let me know the weekend that you are coming and I will buy you a liter of home-made chongos at our Wednesday tianguis.