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May 20, 2010 07:43 AM

Popsicle making pointers?

My awesome wife just got me some popsicle molds as part of a birthday gift. We make lots of frozen desserts - generally ice creams and sorbets - and I'm trying to figure out a general approach to take with popsicle. Can anyone provide some general guidance - do I just use the ice cream or sorbet base? Do I churn and then put into the mold to freeze? Do I do something else entirely?

Any pointers are much appreciated! Looking forward to a summer full of ice pops.

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  1. I think the churn and mold freeze method results in the nicest texture. I am fond of sorbets, but I think sherbet or ice cream will certainly work if you like them in a bowl. How bad can they be on a stick?

    1. If you are making non-dairy popsicles, combining gelatin (plain packet or Jello) with the juice, pureed fruits, etc., is suggested to keep them from freezing rock-hard, so you can bite, not just lick.