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May 20, 2010 06:26 AM

Where can I buy Vitamuffins?

I went to the Whole Foods in Tribeca and they don't sell them. I want to try them but i don't want to order the large boxes from their website.

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  1. Food Emporium has them in the freezer section

    1. fairway on the upper west side has them as well, upstairs in the freezer aisle

      1. They are only 12 to a box and you will go through them in no time flat. They also sell them at stew leonards if you can make it there

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          Just got them from Food i just hope they taste good!!

          1. re: petuniafromhell

            Gristedes and Morton Williams carry them too.

        2. Key Foods in Westchester Avenue by Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx sells them now.

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