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May 20, 2010 04:29 AM

rec's for St Jacob's this weekend?

Searched the board and the last comments were a year old. Any recommendations for places to try/ things to buy when out at St Jacobs? Will be there for the May 24 weekend.

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  1. We go to St. Jacob's a few times a year to stock up on a few essentials.
    1) Horseradish: Delicious, vinegary, strong. I buy it from a small stall outside that also sells a few other jams etc. I make sure to buy the one without milk as so of the stalls inside the market sell a horseradish with milk in it.
    2) BACON! Again, it is really delicious. Most of the meat counters have bacon.
    3) Pickles and Pickled veggies: So many different kinds. I bought a spicy pickled onion jar last October, and it was so addictive.
    4) Apple Fritters.

    5) Different cheeses; last year we bought an old cheddar and my husband said it was really good with a deep, nutty flavour.

    Have fun!

    1. If you will be going to the Farmer's Market, definitely the apple fritters (these are probably icey's #4). They make them fresh just inside one of the buildings, and you can order them with ice cream, as well. Highly recommend them.

      1. For lunch, go a few km past St Jacobs to Elmira and take in the lunch buffet at The Crossroads.. food stands out as real homemade -unusual on a buffet.

        1. Inspired by alvar, my husband and I went to St. Jacob's on Saturday morning, and I thought I would share what I purchased.
          1) A veggie samosa ($3) from the middle eastern stand in the inside market (I believe it is across from halenda's). It was cold so not so crispy, but the filling was really delicious.
          2) a freshly squeezed blood orange juice ($2): Really nice with pulp.
          3) a Jelly filled doughnut ($1) that my husband said was very good. I believe it had a wild blueberry jam inside.
          4) The "pig tail + fries+ drink" combo from "This little piggy went to market" ($7). This is a small stand in between 2 of the indoor market buildings. The pig tail seemed to have been preboiled, and then on order, it is finished on the grill with a basting of a generic bbq sauce. The meat was good, quite fatty and had the texture of turkey neck meat, but it tasted like ribs...pretty good.
          5) Bought some smoked pork chops (6 for about $20), bacon (1 lbs for about $6) and breakfast sausage (can't remember the price) from Halenda's.
          6) I was finally able to find a yellow zucchini plant, and purchased that, along with some cucumber plants, and genovese basil plants. I belive they were $1.50 for a set of 4 plants.
          7) Bought pickled onions ($4.25) from the pickle shop but they didn't have the spicy variety that I wanted from last time. When I opened them at home, they were on the sweet side; still good but not what I was looking for.

          We also purchased some corn, which was not the best I have had but I suspect that it is still way too early in their season. There were a few things that I wanted to try but was not able to because it was raining and my husband had no jacket or umbrella or hood :(. So I missed some beautiful looking ripe cherries from the stands outside, the fish sandwich at the truck near the entrance of the market (it smelled really delicious), and I saw a new little gelato stand outside, I think it was called Sunshine or something along those lines, and it looked to have some nice flavours.

          Oh well, I suppose that means that I will have to take another trip in the near future!
          Hope this helps!

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          1. re: icey

            I use to to love the market, but sadly, St. Jacobs is being taken over by many distributors and and not growers. Corn and cherries are the same ones your grocery store would pick up at the Food Terminal and they are anything but local. Pretty much the only thing in season right now is asparagus. It also makes me mad to see imports available when local items are are season. The market should ban sellers from doing that.

            I tend to visit the local butchers in the surrounding area, far superior product and often cheaper.

          2. Apart from the upcoming mid/late summer produce and fruit that includes some worthwhile rarities, St J's is ballooning into a prime tourist trap--sorry. Equal or better fresh and cured pork is widely available in the GTA--bacon? C'mon...Too far to drive for way too little, aside from the faux country vibe that fades after the first visit. Old Order gelato?! I rest my case.