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May 19, 2010 11:21 PM

question about raw cashew dip?

Hi Chowhounds,

MY neighbor is a raw/vegan (I'm not) but thanks to him, I'm now addicted to raw cashew dip. I soaked the cashews for 4 days in the fridge (probably too long) and then I've made a dip out of it. Then I had to leave town suddeny for a week, and now that I'm back, I don't know if the dip is still good to eat or not. It smells fine...then again, I know next to nothing about raw cashews and how to tell if its gone bad!

Thanks for any advice!

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  1. A week is not a long time to store a nut-based dip like this, but it really depends on what else is in the dip. Obviously there's no dairy, but any fresh veggies in it may have fermented. Your dip may smell fine, but if you taste it and there's a slight tingling on your tongue, then there's some rudimentary bacterial fermentation going on. The next step in spoilage route is a slighty sour smell. If you're added an acid, lke lemon juice, it may protect the dip from souring for a bit longer.

    I think it would be fine if it's just cashews, but most likely you've got some other fresh ingredients in the dip that may have gone by. If you let us know what else was in the recipe, we can give you a better idea of whether to eat up or chuck it.