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May 19, 2010 11:20 PM

Anyone attended SF Food Wars?

"SF Food Wars features ambitious and talented cooking fiends who are pinned against each other to prove that they’ve got what this city craves. Ravenous onlookers sample the cornucopia of entries, savor, ponder, and vote for their favorite"

SF Weekly on the first

Chow eem to be at them all

Mac Battle Royale with Cheese!

Mini Cupcake Clash!

SF Food Wars Holiday Fixins-Off

.SF Food Wars Bread Bake-Off

Chocolate-Cookie Tribute to the Jersey Shore

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  1. I went to the bread bake-off. It was fun but tasting all the entries, even at one bite per sample, was a little tough with the final few entries. Bread is filling and swells in the tummy! The entrants were all enthused about baking and as a home baker myself, it was lovely being able to discuss all the ins and outs of bread with them. I voted for what turned out to be the overall winner, the seaweedy bread.

    1. We've been a sponsor, yes. Here's Jill's experience judging the brunch competition last weekend:

      They're really fun events. Crowded, but totally entertaining to see the variety of entrants. And yes, as stilton says, the amount of food can be overwhelming.