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May 19, 2010 10:33 PM

Paris trip in Oct/Nov

Hi Guys. My partner and myself are heading over to Paris from Sydney,Australia for the very first time in the end of October/Early November for around 2 weeks(I know its a little early to plan but I really cant' wait). Have been reading the board and am really looking forward to all the eating that we will be doing. Anyway, just thought we could get some help in narrowing some choices for places for fine dining. We both have decided that we would like to do 3 nice lunches and one dinner while we are there (where we can splurge a little more).

From what I gather from reading the boards Le' Cinq is lock for lunch if we can get a table.

My hope is that you guys can help us determine the the other 2 lunches and the spot for dinner. Was thinking of between Ledoyen, Savoy, Gagniere, L'Astrance and L'Arpege. Or even if you guys have any other suggestions would be great.

Looking forward to your replies. Thanking you guys in advance.


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  1. IMO, it's never too early to start saving money to eat at one of the top restaurant in Paris!!

    But, it's probably too early to make reservations for those restaurants; start doing that in early September.