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I am heading out to Burnaby this weekend as my boy is playing hockey in the Challenge cup.
We will be staying at the Sheraton airport but will have games at various arenas. Looking for some ideas for lunch or dinner. Nothing fancy or expensive and no chains. Is there any place that is a must see place that you can't leave Vancouver without trying. ? I am open to any ethnic group

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  1. honestly the list is sooo long, what are your preferances, that will help alot

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      The list is long for sure.

      greatdane12 - there are a few places "that you can't leave without trying" - but be warned that that will steer you to tourist favourites like Japadog, Go Fish, Vij's, Tojo's, Granville Island (not that there is anything wrong with any of those places). Taking a different angle: is there a particular cuisine or type of establishment that your own city lacks that you wish Vancouver can potentially fulfill?

    2. Here is a possibility sort of on the way from Richmond to Burnaby http://www.lesfauxbourgeois.com/
      I feel the food is quite accessible there even for a young hockey player (dinner only).

      Another might be Turkish in S. Burnaby http://www.anatolias.ca/ (lunch and dinner).

      Good Italian in N Burnaby http://www.vitabellaristorante.ca/ (dinner only I think


      The web sites all have menus and pricing I think.

      1. Man, this board's full of good, recent recommendations. There are a good dozen decent local food blogs out there, too. But all right, these are the three places I'm feeling right now. In order:

        1. Nine Dishes (960 Kingsway) -- Place is chill. It's the reason I'm posting to Chowhound at five in the morning. Two dollar beers are part of the appeal, but it's got decent Sichuan food (this is a city without a single mindblowing Sichuan place and Nine Dishes ain't far off the leaders, when it comes to the basics) and aight up north stuff (like, the jiaozi are homemade and good). Check out the house made sausage, too (pause).

        2. Bushuair (121-4600 No. 3 Road, Richmond) -- Alvin Garden's still cool. But, if you're into Hunan... this place can match it. Bonus: it's in my hood. Bonus: full of Mao paraphernalia. Bonus: I kinda got a crush on one of the waitresses, too. What up, Michelle! I don't even know what "Bushuair" is supposed to mean (supposed to rhyme with "bourgeois"?), and it's got the most messed up, poorly translated menu, ever. And the food can be mysteriously lame at times. But if you get them to hook it up, the food can be crazy intense: spicy and pungent, like Hunan food should be. And they also got crazy ish like pig's face and blood n' guts offal dishes, which I dig.

        3. Ningbo Fang (President Plaza, Richmond) -- Noodles with pickled mustard and pork, and a tea egg. Love that.

        1. Do you have any particular areas of Greater Vancouver that you will be at more ? And what about price ranges ?

          1. I found the venue listing with their restaurant recommendations...all chains:

            ...we can't have that.

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              gee, do you think that when they announce the sponsors the lists will match?

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                That is a super handy short list of places NOT to eat in Vancouver (or anywhere else, for that matter!). It would really help to know what arenas the OP's son is playing at for better reccos. If in the right area of Burnaby, Crystal Mall could be fun and would cater to a teen's (potentially) less adventurous tastes while still satisfying Dad's 'Houndy urges...

                Crystal Mall
                4500 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H2A9, CA

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                OMFG, Old Spaghetti Factory! My sincerest apologies on the part of your neighbors to the south. Had no idea their swill had crossed the border into what I consider sacred territory.

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                  actually it started here, the gastown location is the original, so its not only cold fronts we send you,

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                    Diabolical. We welcome the cold fronts.

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                      Dining at TOSF was the height of class... when I was 11.

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                        Do you remember The Copper Kettle (where the big Canadian Tire on Kingsway is now) ?

                        Or Mother Tucker's ? My fave memory was the salad bar at MT's, where they kept aluminum(?) salad plates in a dedicated freezer next to the bar. They were ice cold, perfect for the salads and cheeses. And the prime rib .... OH man, with AYCE fixins like ribs, chicken, potatoes, veggies, baked beans. All for around $12 at the time IIRC. Too bad they pulled out of Vancouver.

                        Talk about goin' down memory lane !!

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                          I worked at Copper Kettle catering doing service at the catered events. I did this in highschool. Now that was some fine food, NOT. I still remember my white dress with copper coloured apron uniform.

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                            Perhaps, but as a ever-hungry 'tweener, food "quality" wasn't high on the priority list ;-)

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                            Our go-to place along those lines when I was growing up was Uncle Willy's. Mmmm... nursing-home cafeteria food. My dad used to get annoyed because I'd go for all the sides -- "those are just fillers!".

                            Uncle Willy's
                            6411 Nelson Ave, Burnaby, BC V5H4H3, CA

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                          It brings me back to being a child in the 70's. This was my parents Sunday restaurant of choice. To this day I still HATE spumoni ice cream, seriously, how could they serve that to kids???

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                            Oh good lord, I forgot/blocked the dreaded spumoni! Wasn't it always included, so you felt you had to eat it? Despicable stuff.

                            Sorry to the OP for the wander down (bad) memory lane. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming...

                          2. re: PolarBear

                            i do have a bit of a soft spot for the place as it was our under-age drinking den back in the day :)