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May 19, 2010 07:42 PM

Resto Recommendations for a girls grand prix weekend

Hoping to get some suggestions for a couple of places for a girls weekend that have great food and a cool vibe. Going to Joe Beef on Fri. night (seemed a good choice after a 6 hour road trip!), and am looking for a happening place to get dressed up for on Sat. night, and a nice (and maybe lower key place) for Sunday night.

Any resto/lounges recos for post-dinner/later night outtings also appreciated. Breakfast and brunch suggestions also welcome. Hoping to find out the new hot spots that will impress my friends who I convinced to drop a pile of money on race tickets and over-priced hotel rooms with promises of great restaurants and shopping! Thank you!

Joe Beef
2491 Rue Notre-Dame W, Montreal, QC H3J1N6, CA

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  1. For the ultimate dressed to impressed places to go on the week-end grand prix are the couple of restaurants on the "strip" on St-Laurent Boulevard between Pine st. and Sherbrooke : Globe, Buona Notte, MED, ... but better make a reservation right away bcause if they are not full now, they will be soon; in the Area, I would go to either Laloux or "La Porte" (they are a bit off the action, but better food-wise)

    Another 'hood is the Crescent st. area where the Grand Prix usually hold its "unofficial party"; but food-wise it's a bit of a let down (even compared to the one I listed above, with the probable exception of Newtown)

    If you're going to see the races, brunch is probably out of the question since you want to get on site early (very easy access, but can be hectic when lot of people come in at the same time), BUT depending on the opening hours, you could go to Sparrow and eat-rush and commute-rush to the race (or the qualifications)

    For an easy going sunday, if it's sunny and warm (as it should be), I'd go to Bernard St. in Outremont and go to a terrasse, they're not the best restaurants in town, (but better check what is open, but I would assume they pretty much all are), but will be pleasant enough and "quiet" enough to finish the week-end.


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      Thanks so much for your suggestions! I have read alot about these places but good to hear a specific endorsement and advice.

    2. Newtown would fit the bill for your Saturday night. It's on Crescent Street so it's right in the heart of all the Grand Prix festivities. It's on 3 floors, including a lounge/bar for after dinner drinks and a club upstairs too I think. With the new chefs the food should be pretty good. The menu does look delicious.

      My Sunday night pick would be Le Chien Fumant. It's got great food and cocktails and it will get you out into Plateau Mont Royal. It's a pretty popular place right now, so make reservations soon.

      Le Chien Fumant
      4710 de lanaudiere
      (514) 524-2444

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