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May 19, 2010 06:36 PM

Bachelorette Party Lincoln Rd SOBE - Is there any hope?

Hi Everybody,

I am trying to get an idea of a fun place to go on Lincoln Rd for a Bachelorette Party in a couple of weeks (7-8 gals). I am trying to stay specific to Lincoln Rd because we are all going to see a movie (Sex in the City 2) at the Lincoln Rd Theater at as well and time might be a bit tight.

It can't be too expensive as some of the girls are on a budget (under $20 entrees please). Is there any fun but chow-worthy place nearby or am I dreaming?

I know Taverna Opa has been suggested but I was hoping to keep it in walking distance from the theater.

Is Cafe Barcelona on Espanola worth considering?

All suggestions welcome. Thank you!

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  1. While nothing is that "chow-worthy" on lincoln, El Rancho Grande is fun and passable.
    The Café at Books and Books is pretty good and fairly reasonable.
    Eno is good for a cheese and wine.
    Tapas y Tintos on Espanola way is pretty good and lively if you can walk that far.

    El Rancho Grande Restaurant
    1626 Pennsylvania Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

    1. Hosteria Romano (Italian) on Espanola Way is always lively. It's always crowded so reservations a must.

      1. Doraku sushi is pretty good and right next to the theater. Its a lively spot with music, good drinks and solid food. I actually went there with friends right before seeing the first SATC movie :)

        1100 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139

        1. Cafe Books & Books (great menu, eat outside, people watch)
          Spris (pizza, salads)
          Tiramisu (I have been to 2 dinners here recently and it's been surprisingly pretty good and VERY affordable)
          Doraku (sushi, next to theater)
          Tapas y Tintos (walk to Espanola)

          It might be a little more than $20 entrees, but if youre looking for great food, try Altamare on Lincoln to the West of Alton Rd.

          1100 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139

          2305 Ponce De Leon Blvd, Coral Gables, FL 33134

          1. how about baire's or sushi samba?