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May 19, 2010 05:48 PM

Bricco in Glastonbury update

Last I read on CH, Bricco in Glastonbury (in the old Sauce location) was a done deal, but I haven't seen anything about it lately. I looked around and found some info on the Billy Grant newsletter:

Looks like it will open this summer with a definite porcine orientation.

My apologies if I somehow missed intervening updates.

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  1. Ah. thankyou for the update. I took a peek in a couple of days ago. They completely gutted what was Sauce. It does not seem as if they salvaged anything from the preexisting space. I am eagerly anticipating the opening.

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      I was surprised they gutted the old Sauce place too. I thought it was very nice and it certainly was not that old. Seems a waste but when you a opening a new upscale restaurant I guess it does not look good to reuse what was a failed place. Anyway, I wish them well. Jay

    2. I went with 3 other people last night. Not a parking place in sight, be it the lot or the underground garage. We ended up parking across the street. The wait for 4 was about 40 minutes, and there was no room at the bar (not even standing room!) so we headed to Plan B for a drink. Timing was just about perfect.

      I found it a bit odd that the outside seating appeared to have cushioned seats, whereas our seats were metal. They weren't uncomfortable but could have been a bit better - I'll try for a booth next time.

      The menu is printed daily, front being the food with the wine list on the back. There were about 12 house wines by the glass, the most expensive around $11. They do have beer on tap, rather standard fair - but they did have a Bluepoint, which was nice.

      I ended up ordering the Trattoria, their prix-fixe meal. This happened to be a 5-course ($32) selection: a prosciutto di parma plate with breadsticks, followed by arugula salad, gnocchi, Berkshire pork chop, and a ricotta/blueberry dessert.

      All were excellent, the gnocchi and pork chop (which had a cherry compote on top) being particular standouts. The pork chop was large, on the bone - very tender - the texture was more akin to a pork roast, rather than what I'm used to (and dislike) in a standard chop.

      The dessert was called a pie, which in fact was a crisp (cookie-like) flat crust topped with a custardy ricotta, all of which was covered with an excellent blueberry sauce. (I'm sure there are technical terms for these which I'm missing!)

      Service was attentive, if not overly active. Olives and bread made a continuous appearance. A bit of confusion here and there - nothing catastrophic and seemingly normal for a first week. The pace of the entire meal was a bit slow, however that might have been my fault for ordering the 5-course dinner. My pace was just about right, while my companions who ordered single-plate pasta dishes had a fair amount of the bread & olives.

      Billy Grant was wandering around to check on people, he said he'd probably be there through October. Lunch might start around August. All-in-all, it's certainly worth another visit. I hope to visit the bar next time, but I imagine that will be a challenge for a while!

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        Was there last night as well; the one thing I don't like is that just like Bricco's in WH they only take reservations for parties of 6 or more, but we planned to get there earlier (around 5:20) so we actually had no wait... Things were definitely backed up by 5:45 though.

        The inside decor is COMPELTELY different from Sauce and it looks awesome. They definitely spent time and money on redoing it, but I think it was worth it. I got the white bean soup to start and the Branzino while my friend got a caesar salad and scallops. All was excellent and perfectly cooked. They use produce from about a dozen local farms, which are all listed up on a chalkboard over the bar area. Prices were basically on par with the WH Bricco's.....the soup and salad were about 8 dollars, my entree was 23, scallops were about 25 I think and desserts were 9 dollars each. They also had pizza, pastas and a large number of appetizers.

        We didnt have dessert, but checked out the menu. I am curious to know what olive oil ice cream is/tastes like, but we were too full to try it out. I really think this is going to do well here and I'm rooting for it because I love not having to cross the river to get to that Bricco's. I'm eager to go back !

        1. re: crackerqueen

          Their OO gelato is delicious--or, at least it was in their WH location when I had it during Restaurant Week last fall. I'm with you, it's nice to have "our own" Bricco closer to home...and I'd like to get there, too, once the initial buzz dies down a bit.

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            We were there Saturday the 7th.....stopped in for appetizers at the bar. We had the fried calamari and the antipasto for 2....everything was delicious! Billy was there, and my fiance and I talked to him for a few minutes, we just wanted to tell him how much we enjoyed the food and how great the place looks. He said it was a lot of work, hence they will be closed on Sundays until the end of August, just to have a little time off with their families, etc. He also said that it was the first day he'd really been out of the kitchen, he was helping the girl out front make pizzas and other appetizers. The bar staff was very friendly and attentive...and we will defiintely be back!!

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        1. So how's the food been? Anyone dined there since the initial opening rush?