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MIHO Gastrotruck

Anyone had any experience with MIHO Gastrotuck catering?


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  1. I've never even heard of them. Where did you learn of them?

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      They're new to SD. They've been catering for 6 months and are planning to launch their truck soon. Here's their FB page.

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        Oh, so they are former employees of The Linkery who have struck out on their own and are setting up a high class mobel eatery like Kogi? I've starting following their facebook feed and will definately show up to try their food. The poutine and grass feed beef burger looks great.

        Here's a link to a copy of San Diego Magazine's review: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid...

        3794 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104

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          I'm following them on FB too. I've very curious, plus I think the whole street food/food truck concept is about to explode. I also think that would be a good thing if it does, there is just so much potential.

          1. re: DiningDiva

            I hope they post a menu sometime soon. I also like the fact that they worked at Linkery, they probably have some great vendors to supply them.

            3794 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104

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              I have to agree with you that the street food/truck area is about to explode. It's prefect for getting a business started on the cheap and it keeps costs down so that the prices can be lower then at restaurants which actually have to pay rent. It's just a great way for a chef to start off, build a following, and give people options of different things to eat.

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                Granted there is lower over head in the long run, but I think it's the whole concept of small bites of things that are common/typical, or that a person might do extremely well. I'm thinking of the Torta Ahogada truck in CV. They took what they knew well - the torta from their hometown - figured out how to do it so that it was pretty authentic and went for it. At $6 it's not the cheapest sandwich out there, but it is very good.

                Last month I did a week long class at the CIA in San Antonio that was taught by Iliana de la Vega who owned one of the best fine dining reestaurants in Oaxaca until the teachers strike and narco buisness put her out of business. She and her family moved to Santa Fe, NM and then to Autsin, TX. She's reopened her restaurant but this time at a streeet corner in Austin on wheels. She has a limited set menu and then rotates in specialties from her old resto in Oaxaca.

                We've become a very mobile society and like to be entertained with our food. Street food, just by it's nature is entertainment in itself, but it's also usually interesting and intensely flavorful. You don't have to think about what you're eating, you just are, and you're satisfied by the simplicity and flavor. There's a sense of identity, sense of place and belonging that goes along with street food as well.

                There's a fantastic fish taco place on a corner in Guadalajara. The line is long, but pretty soon you're talking to the people in line with you, talking about which fish tacos are the best and finally you get close enough to the cashier to see and smell the fish. While you're waiting in line there might be some entertainment...a singer, as small band, whatever. You order, you get your fish tacos and take them to the condiment cart and go to town doctoring them up. Everyone gives you their suggestions as to what toppings and condiments work best with which taco. It's a street corner, not a lot of places to sit, so you squeeze in on benches, logs, a spare chair with total strangers and chow down. There's a sense of community, or shared experience that is often lost in the more upscale dining simply because it is more organized and has more "rules" attached to it.

                The World of Flavors conference at the CIA up in Napa last November was all about street food. It was one of the best confrences I've attended in quite a while.

                Santa Fe Cafe
                445 Santa Fe Dr, Encinitas, CA 92024

                1. re: DiningDiva

                  Thanks for the responses everyone!! Let me know what you think when they launch their truck this week. I'm in contact with them about catering my wedding next year since I'm really searching for something different.

      2. I wonder what MIHO stands for. I can't help but be curious. (It is a common female name in Japan.)

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          It's also a term of endearment for a child in Mexico, tho' you're more likely to see it spelled mi'jo or mi'ja

          1. re: Tripeler

            Sounds like a spin off of the endearing Spanish phrase: My Son, Mi Hijo or mijo as it is shortened

            1. re: kare_raisu

              Thanks for the input. I think it was the J that was gringofied into an H that threw me.

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                From the San Diego Magazine scan on their Facebook page...

                The name comes from a combination of the last names of the 2 owners: Juan Miron & Kevin Ho. Plus, it's a nod to the heritage of Miron, born and raised in TJ.

                1. re: psychotron

                  Ah ha, this makes a whole lot more sense. Thanks for the tip.

            2. re: Tripeler

              It's a contraction of the two owner's last names.

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                I think you mean "portmanteau". :)

            3. From their TWITTER feed. Since this is a stone's throw from my house, I'll check them out.

              MIHO will be at North Park's "30th on 30th" this Sunday / 30th & Upas across from Bluefoot / 5-8pm / $2 specials

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                    Ooooh...I'm excited. Waiting for updates from anyone who gets to try it.

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                      I'm going to try to head down there for dinner on Sunday.

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                  Stopped by tonight at 5, and I'm glad I did. They sold out of food.

                  Tried the sliders and the cochinita pibil tacos. Both were fantastic. These guys are going to do very well for themselves.

                  1. re: Ewilensky

                    Did anyone have the poutine? Their version sounds far from authentic, but, nonetheless; delicious! Kristy's Sports Bar in Sports Arena does an *ok* version, but I pine for a well cooked plate of fries mixed with that intoxicating combination of fresh cheddar melted into salty gravy :D

                    1. re: CampySD

                      Their fryer wasn't working, so no poutine.

                      If you're craving this dish, I highly recommend the one on Alchemy's brunch menu. It's insanely good.

                      1. re: Josh

                        seems like alot of alchemy items on their menu

                  2. I'm excited to try this food. Juan and Kevin are pretty recognizable to North Park beer and food lovers so I'm looking forward to taste it, probably on Sunday.

                    1. Yes, I just ate there about 20 minutes ago. It was ok. Nothing mind blowing. A group from work walked from our office to where the truck was parked in Kearny Mesa and all ordered lunch. The reviews ranged from:
                      1. Bahn Mi Chicken sandwich - bread was kind of stale, like day old, but ok
                      2. Potato dumplings with Saffron Aioli - really yummy but only 3 little potato dumplings more like an appetizer than a full lunch.
                      3. Conchita tacos - pretty good, nothing I would rave about
                      4. Salad - disappointing and not enough choice for vegetarians. Salad uninventive...just simple bib lettuce, cherry tomatoes, unremarkable croutons and a simple basalmic vinaigrette.
                      5. "The Bohn Mi is ok. I had one in Portland that was to die for, it's not that. I wouldn't crave this, but it's a truck, what do you want."

                      8310 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111

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                      1. re: kimsykes0117

                        As a reply to Kim S - I felt sort of the same way with MIHO's. I appreciate that their stuff is organic, homemade, etc, but for those prices for small portions, it needs to taste damn good. $6 for a small banh mi when I could have gotten a full size one at a Vietnamese shop for $4? To me, a food truck needs to be A) *more* affordable than a sit-down eatery or B) So delicious/unique that I am willing to pay for more their food than at a sit-down eatery. IMO. I don't think they are there yet. I am confident they will continue to improve though.

                        1. re: uberkelly

                          LA shows that most foodtrucks are more expensive (and not always better) than sit down restaurants

                          1. re: honkman

                            Well, I guess they just need to find the audience that is willing to pay more for quality, organic, etc., and I think they are doing it. My bf was like "screw this! I can get a bigger banh mi for $4 at Cali Baguette!" But then I guess he is not the audience they are going after!!

                            I am just playing devil's advocate. I like MIHO and would go there again tomorrow.

                          2. re: uberkelly

                            My guess is that a banh mi made with those ingredients at a sit down place would be a lot more than $6. Two dollars more for food that isn't from a factory farm is two dollars well-spent, IMO.

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                              I dunno, maybe there's some old Linkery pricing that needs a tweek or 2.

                          3. Tried them at lunch this afternoon. Had the veggie banh mi and potato croquettes. everything was fresh, the croquettes were fried on site, high quality of ingredients, from what I could tell. Also, everything but the bread was made in-house, including pickling the carrot and daikon for banh mi.
                            Tastewise, everything was in the good-very good range. I enjoyed all the food I tried, though nothing knocked my socks off.
                            Overall taking prices, adherence to posted schedule, quality of food, taste, friendliness of vendors, speed of service and their general approach to foodtruck cuisine, they certainly are a great addition to this town. I will be back the next time they are in my neighborhood at lunchtime!

                            1. The MIHO truck came to "my town" today and I took the opportunity to check it out. Drove a few minutes to the location and there were about 20 people in line ahead of me. It took me about 20 minutes to place my order, which was for the Banh Mi and a side of the potato(e) croquettes.

                              The unfortunate part of my experience was that it took an additional 25 minutes to get my food. My sandwich was ready fairly quickly but it seems that they were having difficulty keeping up with demand for the croquettes. In fact when a new batch of croquettes was ready there was a rush of people waiting and I was left with only two (versus the advertised three). I was refunded my money and still given the order of two. Nice touch but I would rather have not waited.

                              On to the food. The potato croquetttes were sublime! Light, not greasy (even though deep fried) and very tasty with an asian or middle eastern flavor that I could not quite identify (maybe if I had three ;) ). Great on their own but even better with the saffron aioli, though the aioli could have been a bit spicier for my taste.

                              This was my first banh mi ever, so I cannot compare there, but I've eaten a lot of sandwiches in my life and this was one of the best ever. The baguette was fresh and crusty and some of the fluffy part scooped out so it wasn't overly "bready". The lemongrass chicken was tasty and well cooked and all of the vegetables (daikon, carrots, cilantro) were fresh and crisp.

                              All in all, it was definitely worth the money $8.75 for both (before my refund) though I'm not sure it was worth a 45 minute wait (I hate to wait in line for anything). That said, I will go back when they're "in town" as I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt that they'll fix their operational issues with time.

                              1. MIHO was in Sorrento Valley for the first time today so I went over with some coworkers to try it out. We arrived at 11:50am and did not receive our food until around 12:40pm. I placed an order for the potato croquettes, but when I finally received my food I was told they had run out. They did give me a free order of tacos to compensate for it.

                                Our group tried the cochinita pibil tacos, the hamburger, the chicken banh mi, and the croquettes. The croquettes were excellent, piping hot and crispy with no excess oil. The meat in the hamburger was cooked well and they use a good-quality bun. However, I thought the tacos were just so-so-- the hot-spiciness overpowered the flavor of the meat as well as any other spices in the marinade.

                                My understanding is that they were short one cook and also having some problems with the register this afternoon, which at least partly explains the long wait times. However, 40+ minutes is too long to wait for what was supposed to be a quick workday lunch. From what I saw, it seems like their working pace is closer to "leisurely restaurant meal" rather than "quick bite to eat". I also would have appreciated better communication about what was going on. If I had known that we would have to stand in line for 25 minutes and then wait another 15 minutes for the food I think we would have elected to just try again another day.

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                                1. re: zare_k

                                  Wow. I support the idea of MIHO but in practice it was a mess.

                                  Today in Sorrento Valley, I met my husband for lunch at the truck. The truck had arrived at 11:30am, and we got there at 12:15, only 45 minutes into their two-hour time there.

                                  We waited in line for 45 minutes. There were only two vegetarian dishes offered today, the tofu banh mi and a salad. Three if you count the side of potato croquettes.

                                  As we moved closer to the front of the line, the truck ran out of the salad and the potato croquettes. We remained in line, and I figured I could still order the tofu banh mi. But, when we were just two people away from the front of the line, the truck ran out of most of the banh mi fixings. Having only one choice left, and not wanting to eat a sandwich of just tofu, lettuce and bread, we left and went to Opera. All told, it was a pretty bad experience.

                                  So, be warned that MIHO is not yet running smoothly or quickly for a mid-workday lunch. Also, it would be good if they offered more vegetarian options, or stocked sufficient food.

                                  I'll keep checking their menu online, see if they offer more veggie options, and I'll give them another shot in a couple of months.

                                  1. re: Cheese Liz

                                    Ouch! Sorry to hear you didn't get any food. I waited 45 mins but at least walked away with most of my order. Good luck next time.

                                    BTW, how is Opera? I was unaware that it was there until I drove back there.

                                    1. re: steveprez

                                      Thanks! I should emphasize that there was still some food left for the carnivores.

                                      I don't want to be too harsh on MIHO--sounds as if they had some (hopefully) atypical problems that day. I do plan to try them again.

                                      I like Opera. I usually go there to get a croissant and a coffee, but they also offer hot food such as omelets and crepes, and French desserts. Whole Foods switched their croissant supplier a while back, not for the better, so now I prefer Opera's.

                                      Also, when Opera is not packed with people, it is a nice space in which to sit and read.

                                    2. re: Cheese Liz

                                      To update:
                                      We tried MIHO again today, when the truck stopped in UTC.

                                      We got there before noon and there was practically no line. We ordered the MLT (pesto, mozzarella and tomato sandwich), the grass-fed burger, and the poutine.

                                      The food was ready pretty quickly.

                                      The MLT was excellent. The pesto was fresh-tasting and flavorful. The bread was nicely toasted and not soggy at all. I did not try the burger. My companion said that the grass-fed beef was good. The fixings, though, he said, were great. We both enjoyed the poutine, but neither of us had ever had poutine before, so we don't know what it ought to be like.

                                      I'm also happy to note that they had more vegetarian options than they did last time.

                                      Every aspect of this experience was the opposite of my Sorrento Valley visit as outlined above. I will certainly be coming back.

                                      1. re: Cheese Liz

                                        Looks like Liz and I are in sync with the MIHO truck. Wasn't planning to eat there today but they parked right in front of my office. Had the grass-fed beef burger and poutine side. Both were very good. The burger bun could have been a bit firmer; was a bit soggy. All in all though, a great lunch.

                                        Having had a front row seat to the truck today I can report that the lines are much shorter, never really exceed ~10 people. After 12:30 was really no line at all.

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                                          I ate at MIHO yesterday in Sorrento Valley. Tried the MLT, which was just like Liz said. I actually thought it would have been better with just a touch of salt, or maybe even a few drops of balsamic. It was good though. Liz you were right - the bread was perfect and not soggy.

                                          The poutine was also good.. I've only had poutine twice before in Montreal and somewhere else, but my bf dubbed them "shit fries" the first time we had them. ha. Anyway, these were a lot better than that. However, I still feel like they could have been ...maybe just a bit...better. THey had mushroom gravy on them but I didn't taste mushroom flavor.

                                          It cost me $10 for the fries and the sandwich. At first I thought MIHO was too expensive, but I guess $10 isn't bad for a nice lunch like this.

                                          1. re: Cheese Liz

                                            I think they're just being overwhelmed by the demand for their food. Thus the 45 minute lines and the fact that they're running out of everything. My experience was they'd be fine if each person only ordered one or two items however EVERYONE seems to want to try everything on the menu so they run out quickly.

                                        2. re: zare_k

                                          I returned to MIHO for the first time today, again at the Sorrento Valley location. I think I waited about 10 minutes to order and about 5 minutes to receive my food, not super fast but a big improvement over the 40 minute ordeal of my first visit (the line was a lot shorter this time too). Sitting on the grassy area next to the truck was pleasant.

                                          I enjoyed the shrimp po' boy-- good chewy baguette with a pretty generous portion of lightly fried shrimp and enough sauce to flavor the sandwich without making it soggy.

                                          I'll probably give them another try again. I find the price point ($7.75 for the sandwich alone) and wait time to still be relatively high, but if they keep the quality up MIHO should be a nice addition to the Sorrento Valley lunch options.

                                          1. re: zare_k

                                            If you want fast food, the gastrotruck probably isn't what you want.

                                            1. re: zare_k

                                              The strategic question for the shrimp sammie is what do you think the size of the shrimp were?

                                              1. re: cstr

                                                If they are shrimp, then likely they are small and shrimpy.

                                          2. I tried them on June 2nd in North Park (around the corner from their old stomping grounds at The Linkery). They arrived later than they tweeted they would (I think they said they'd be there at noon and arrived at 12:25 or so..but I can't remember the exact times). In order to make up for the fact that a number of people were waiting for them for a while, they gave us all discounts (I think they were 20%, but again, can't remember exact numbers) and also gave us two stamps on our little HOMI frequent-order cards. I appreciated all of that, and also the friendliness of the folks running the truck. BUT, even though I really wanted to love the burger I ordered, it just seemed really mediocre. The bun was clearly a "fancy" bun, and apparently the meat inside was as well. But to be honest, to me it tasted like a very plain burger you'd get...well, just about anywhere. Maybe they accidentally overcooked mine and it just came out too well-done and that was the problem.. I don't know. All I know is that I really wanted to love my meal from them and came away pretty disappointed. If it's around my hood at some point in the future I'll happily try again and hopefully my opinion will change. Maybe I should have bought the bahn-mi...

                                            3794 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104

                                            1. Failed idea.

                                              1. One week ago, friday. South Park. Arived 7 pm, still within the advertised 5:30 - 7:30 time frame. All out of food. Friend had a hambuger. Ate a bite. Very tasty but the iniside was quite rare. At least I did not get sick from it. Too expensive.

                                              2. Fast forward to last Wednesday. LIttle Italy. wasted my enitre lunch tryin gto find it. They were a no show. They got booted out of Little Italy. Ok, in a way, not their fault. But, should have been better planned.

                                              3. Two days ago, sAturday, Bird Park, North Park. Arrived at 5 pm, for 5 - 7 pm advertisded truck time. NO truck. Drove all around the neighborhood, three times. No truck. So, we had planned on miho food for the concert. No food, Had to drive elsewhere. Ended up unable to get reasonable concert parking. No concert.

                                              Three strikes, you are OUT. Back to the drawing board. Cool idea. Failed execution.

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                                              1. re: wrldtrvl

                                                RE: #3 - truck was indeed present at the far north end of the park, just after Upas. We ate there at 5:20 PM, and there was a line, so they were ineed present at 5 PMish.

                                                That said this was my first time actually eating at the truck after 5 attempts to eat with them including the failed LI attempt last week, one attempt where they arrived late and I needed to head off to a meeting, another attempt where they had run out of food, another attempt where I had ordered and waited 45 minutes for lunch and gave up and asked for a refund as I had another engagement, and another attempt where I could simply not find them.

                                                We ordered:

                                                Bahn mi, vegetarian bahn mi, Pesto MLT, poutine and the local fig salad. Everything was good. Nothing was great.

                                                Now perhaps since the MIHO truck had taken on mythical status with me I was expecting a mindblowing meal. No, I simply had a good meal, at reasonable prices. The bahn mi's paled when compared to K's and was pretty heavy on the rice wine vinegar. Baguette fell apart it was so soggy. The pesto MLT was great (we're talking pesto, cheese and tomato how can you go wrong?) but the bread got pretty soggy here as well. The fig salad was delish but I thought the poutine needed some work - the fries were cold, the gravy lukewarm so much so the cheese didn't even melt.

                                                So, good addition to the neighborhood and I'll eat with them again if they happen to be where I'm at, but I won't go seeking them out anymore.

                                                One more thing - they need to raise those side panels where you order up higher. Gave myself a nasty gash on my head walking away from the register. My faiult for being tall, I know...

                                                1. re: Ewilensky

                                                  'Nothing was great' judging from your review everything was aweful, I mean a meh bahn mi, soggy baguette, cold fries and luke warm gravy poutine, that's pathetic! I think you're being too generous.

                                                  1. re: cstr

                                                    cstr, perhaps but I think something also needs to be said about street food in general. Had I ordered this from a brick and mortar joint, I would've sent it back. But I was eating outside, with my friends, sitting on the grass and meeting neighbors in my community I've passed dozens of times but never really met - so there was something about the enviroment that made the food taste better (kind of like camping).

                                                    The same can be said for any taco truck I've eaten at here in town - I've sat and talked with people I never would've sat down next to and talked to - and this somehow makes the food taste better. Or, perhaps adds to the experience so when I recall it in memory I remember it tasting better than it really was.

                                                    So with MIHO, the food was secondary (I know, this is Chowhound, the food should always come first) - it was the location, the event and the people I shared it with that was primary joy of the evening and because of that, it made the food taste better than it probably really was. And this is why I won't seek them out anymore, but if they happen to be at an event I'm at, I would have no qualms about ordering from them again.

                                                    1. re: Ewilensky

                                                      I understand about having a good time with neighbors et al and that type of experience is priceless but, the food whether from a truck or a restaurant should have some credibility to it, I'm sure it wasn't free, in fact MIHO is no where near Mex street food pricing. You are graceous to MIHO with your post, hope they appreciate it. BTW - have you ever had proper poutine, maybe in Montreal?

                                                2. re: wrldtrvl

                                                  I think your expectations are a bit out of line with the type of operation they're trying to run. Most fans of this type of establishment expect it to be a bit unpredictable. That's part of the fun of it - finding them before they run out. Reliability isn't usually part of the program. They may have failed your needs, but I think they're pretty much succeeding at the idea they're aiming for. Move often, sell out quick.

                                                  1. re: wrldtrvl

                                                    I think they've fixed a lot of these problems. Give them another shot if you're inclined. They've streamlined the operation and worked out the initial location kinks for the most part.

                                                    Their Little Italy location is now on private property at Casa Artelexia - on Kettner between Laurel and Kalmia. I was there yesterday and it was perfectly pleasant. No wait, lots of seating at tables they have set up in the back there, and the food was great. Be sure to stop into the store while you're there!

                                                      1. re: cstr

                                                        I had the shrimp po boy and the fries, and my co-worker had the burger and a salad. The hummus wrap also looked really good. The fries were excellent - much better than they were the last time drenched with gravy (the poutine was not on the menu.)

                                                  2. Tracked down the MIHO truck for lunch in UTC today. Ordered the grass-fed beef burger and their poutine. All in all, a very polarizing experience...

                                                    I really enjoyed the burger - it was nice and juicy (albeit slightly too well-done for my taste), and the combination of caramelized onions and the harissa aioli was great. I also really liked how substantial the bun was, because it did a great job at soaking up all the juice from the meat.

                                                    On the other hand, the poutine was a travesty :( Fries were hand-cut, but were way too thick (certainly not the Belgian-style advertised). Cheese was also extremely disappointing - shredded cheddar sprinkled over the fries does not a poutine make! Gravy was tasty but served rather lukewarm, making the entire dish rather unappetizing.

                                                    Total for the meal was $11. Given that the burger was pretty good, I may check it out again to sample other offerings, but I won't be running back. I think they're trying to do good things, but it seems they still have some execution issues to work out.

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                                                    1. re: shouzen

                                                      I actually had this the same day and I thought the exact same thing of the poutine. The gravy was tasty, but cold and the taste of the cheddar didn't work well with the gravy.

                                                      I had the miho dog, which I actually liked a lot. It was surprising to me that I liked it because I'm not usually much of a hot dog eater, but the aoili, bacon, and dog worked really well together.

                                                      1. re: karaethon

                                                        Just remember the mantra - everything's better with bacon ;-)

                                                    2. Miho is parked outside my office on Fridays, and I've eaten there three times. I've had the pork tacos, croquetas, the burger, watermelon salad, and the MLT sandwich.

                                                      Everything I've had has been outstanding. Really tasty, prepared with care and attention to detail. The burger and the sandwich both held together well and didn't make a mess of my hands. The croquetas were crispy, hot, and well seasoned. The aioli was clearly housemade, and not doctored-up Best Foods. My favorite dish has been the MLT (mozz, lettuce, tomato sandwich).

                                                      I really like this truck and I hope they stick around.

                                                      1. I’ve really been lovin’ MIHO - I had waited until late August to check them out after reading about the longish lines and waits. Now it’s typically been just 10 minutes waiting in line and then another ten minutes for the food. Plus now they show up in Sorrento Valley twice a week. Must be their most popular stop? I think they like the grassy knoll. Now you can find me there with food slopped on my shirt most every week. Sometimes twice!

                                                        And the food - my favorite "wow" has been the pork belly sandwich. Absolutely crazy tasty and interesting too. It’s been on the menu for a few weeks so I wouldn’t expect to see it much longer. And the burger and fries are real grade A+ delicious. And I normally don’t care for fries. Of course it cost more than McDonald’s. And I’m totally fine with that! There have been a couple of items that are just fair to good like the carnitas tacos and the fish tacos but also a couple of things that I was skeptical about like the vegetarian curry and even that pork belly sandwich that turned out to be excellent.

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                                                        1. re: FireFlyFiftyFive

                                                          I tasted their food for the first time at the celebrate the craft last Sunday. They pulled up their truck over by the golf course. Juan was cooking and Kevin was working the front. The served a stew which was really tasty, maybe a tad too heavy of a dish for the day but I liked it. The guys were really nice and now I want to check out their regular menu.