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May 19, 2010 03:53 PM

Cheap Eats in Las Vegas?

Hey fellow Chowhounders,

Where can we eat decently in Las Vegas for a relatively decent prices? We definitely want to have a fancy dinner one or two nights - but where can we eat well for under $40 per person for dinner?

Our party consists of 3 foodies, one vegetarian and one "all american" type eater.


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    1. Trevi at the Forum Shops is reasonable and has excellent food. The wild mushroom risotto is excellent and the Fazzoletto Bertolini is marvelous whether or not your a vegetarian. The spaghetti ice is fun. There are also familiar classics for the non-adventurous.

      Forum Shops Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV 89109

      1. I hate to burst your bubble but your budget of $40 for dinner will not get you into any fancy restaurant. You might want to check the Spring Specials at some of the hotel restaurants. Some two course meals are $30-40 but most are $60-70. And that's without drinks, wines, tax or tip.

        It will cover the cost at the best buffets and that might satisfy everybody but the foodies.

        Where are you staying and will you have a car? Maybe we can think of something off the strip if you have access to a car.

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        1. re: shamu613

          We don't need fancy - at least not every night. I guess the key word is decent - tasty. We're staying at the Venetian. Would it be super expensive to take a cab somewhere off the strip?

          Thanks for your help so far!

          1. re: cinnamon_girl

            Have to agree with linguafood on Lotus of Siam and Raku being great choices. You can spend more at either or be comfortably within your budget.

            Lotus of Siam
            953 E Sahara Ave Ste A5, Las Vegas, NV 89104

            1. re: cinnamon_girl

              For a fun night out call Casa di Amore, they'll send their limo to pick you up and then return you later to the

              1. re: jackattack

                I haven't been to Casa di Amore but it wasn't my impression that it was an under-$40 for a full meal kind of place.

                1. re: Dave Feldman

                  With 5 people? Oh yes, certainly. Italian food is meant to be passed around and shared!

            2. Ping Pang Pong has very good Chinese food. Roast Duck is great. They also have vegetarian dishes but I have yet to try them. : /

              You can also get away with a great dinner at Bouchon in the Venetian for 40/per person. Entrees range from $20-$35 bucks.

              Ping Pang Pong
              4000 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103

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              1. re: A5 KOBE

                Ping pong.
                Vegas food in this range sucks though.

              2. Plenty of very good eating opportunities for $40 or less, but you have to be willing to leave the strip.

                My suggestions:
                Pasta Shop
                Lotus of Siam (Thai)
                Gaetano's (Italian)
                Firefly (Spanish Tapas)
                Grape Street Cafe

                Grape Street Cafe
                7501 W Lake Mead Blvd Ste 120, Las Vegas, NV 89128

                Lotus of Siam
                953 E Sahara Ave Ste A5, Las Vegas, NV 89104

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                1. re: Dave Lazar

                  Agreed. And here in Henderson, not too far from The Strip, one can try:

                  - Settebello (best pizza in town IMHO)

                  - Todd's Unique Dining (very creative, especially for the 'burbs!)

                  Todd's Unique Dining
                  4350 E. Sunset Rd., Henderson, NV 89014

                  140 S Green Valley Pkwy Ste 172, Henderson, NV 89012