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May 19, 2010 03:51 PM

CHOW Restaurant Entries for Italy

to folks posting on the Italy Board -

I have been setting up some entries on the CHOW Restaurant page for Italy, starting with Rome and some of the other main towns people post about here. Ive really just put my foot in the water on this. Hopefully the info may be helpful in its own right if it is well populated with data but ultimately it seems there will be direct linkages with discussions of particular restaurants on this Board which will make it a much better resource. (Europe has not been activated for this feature yet)

If you go to this page (via the Restaurant and Bar tab above or via this link and input, either the relevant city (for example Rome,IT) or restaurant name and city into the two search bars you will see whether there is relevant data in your town/destination. IGNORE THE FACT THAT THE SETUP OF THIS PAGE CURRENTLY IGNORES THE WORLD OUTSIDE NORTH AMERICA - IT CAN STILL BE USED FOR INTERNATIONAL DESTINATIONS THO WITH A BIT MORE DIFFICULTY. . the area of the site can also be accessed via the main search bar on the right, above, - you have to then sort to look at Restaurants vs Board info. Its all fairly clunky still.

One feature that works over there is that it is possible (in areas where the mapping function is working) to search for restaurants near an address or other restaurant. You can also search by neighbornood names and get a list with a map (at least some of the time


anyway, its possible to start posting reviews over there for those who wish to, or even to pitch in with adding additional restaurants of interest to Chowhounds or even correcting incorrect info Ive put up there!.

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  1. The location marker for Gino is in the wrong place. It's not near Corso Vittorio Emanuele but north of Armando and the Pantheon.

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    1. re: zerlina

      thanks Zerlina - I took out the reference to Piazza del Parliamento and it mapped correctly, I think. there is a little bit of art to putting in the addresses so they are recognized.

      Here's hoping that the engineers will activate the linking software soon.

    2. Jen, great effort. I hope that others will follow to add their reviews.

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      1. re: kyeblue

        thanks, I sure hope folks will put in reviews and add additional restaurants, too.
        Im trying to focus on places that have been discussed or that are potentially worthy of being on a Chowhound's radar, but folks on the ground in Italy (either tourists or locals) will ultimately be better resources than a long-distance researcher.

        1. re: jen kalb

          Id' love to contribute a few off-the-beaten-path restaurants in Umbria. There are 5 restaurants in the area where I live, Assisi, but I am not sure how to add more names and reviews. I don't see an option saying add a review or anything similar. Please help.

          1. re: madonnadelpiatto

            Its sort of buggy, but if you go to the entry screen you will see two boxes at the top looking for a restaurant name and a place name. You put in the name and the city,country (in your case Assisi,IT or Assisi , Italy will both work, then hit will generate something - assuming the name of your restaurant does not show, scroll down to the botom and you will see a link asking if you want to create a new restaurant. click on it and some new text showing your data will come up (for me its up the page and in a little different color. select the choice to create new entry below, it will eventually provide a data entry page to insert whatever info you want on the restaurant. Finally, you save your data. the address in normal italian format (i.e. Via Roma, 12) and postal code will help it map.

            Dont worry if you cant put in all the fields. But make sure you hit SAVE when you are done - a new screen will come up with all your data, which you can edit if you want - or add a review.

            Good luck!

      2. thanks I managed and already added a new place I have just discovered in Foligno.