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May 19, 2010 03:43 PM

bar mitzvah cake suggestions ...bergen county bakery

Looking for a bakery to order a bar mitzvah cake ( 130 guests or so) in ridgewood nj area. Also does anyone have an idea about the expected cost. thanks!

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  1. try Zadies Kosher Bake Shop, 19-09 Fair LAwn Ave, Fair # 201-797-6565.
    Their cakes, as well as everything else, isdelicious. My husband is a caterer and they order from there frequently. As far as cost, I have no clue, but it won't be cheap. Another suggestion, if you are trying to save some $$, and it does not have to be Kosher, is to call Stop and Shop or Whole Foods in Ridgewood and price out a cake there.

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      If it doesn't have to be kosher there is a bakery with locations in Westwood and Fairlawn. I can't for the life of me think of the name (sugarflake maybe?) but they have incredible cakes, especially carrot.

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        Try Costco Clifton/Passaic area. I used to work at a Jewish school and we always got our Kosher cakes there.

    2. the petite gateau in park ridge has amazing occasion cakes! and they are really friendly! i'm sure if you google them, they have a site.