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May 19, 2010 02:32 PM

Whats For Dinner? Part XXXII

It's that time again...Please share those mouth watering meals at our roundtable ..What's for dinner?

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  1. shrimp salad: wild-caught gulf brown shrimp, hard cooked egg, mayo, vidalia onion, celery heart on croissants from vietnamese bakery.

    1. On a whim, for lunch today I made some stromboli. My daughters were making personal pizzas and I wanted something bit different.

      So, my supper was leftover, re-heated stromboli. :D

      1. Stuffed italian peppers with tomatoes and mozzerella and quinoa salad with a champagne vinagrette.

        1. Headed out of town tomorrow so I needed to clear out odds and ends in the fridge. Inspired by another thread, I browned sliced morcilla in olive oil and made a bed of it. In the same pan I cracked two eggs, which I covered in the last bit of a chile ancho salsa I made a couple weeks ago. Simmered until cooked through then poured the lot onto the morcillas. Topped with shredded monterey jack, crumbled feta, sliced scallions and sour cream.

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            Sounds wonderful, for breakfast, brunch or supper!

            Have a enjoyable and safe trip, wherever you're headed.

            Wednesday night, meatballapalooza, ground chuck and pork, panada, egg, capers, plumped raisins, minced green olives, garlic, thyme, oregano and cumin, sautéed in olive oil and simmered in tomato sauce with sofrito (no I didn't make it, I used frozen) a sort of picadillo in meatball disguise. I fried polenta slices and made a simple salad for sides, a twist to the usual rice and beans that normally goes with picadillo. We were both pleased with the outcome, although mrbushy mumbled something about not messing with a national dish...

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              I have to laugh when people who don't cook make up rules ("not messing wit a national dish") for cooking! Your concoction sounds delicious.

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                I love raisins in meatballs. I first read of it hear from lynnlato, only to learn later that Nanny used to make them that way, too. Yummy!

                My mom made veal piccata last night with veal from our friends' farm. It was fantastic and so tender. Janey also made scalloped potatoes but with cheddar instead of Gruyere. They were tasty, but she was bummed they came out more of a mashed potato consistency. Native asparagus--nothing like it, yum--completed the meal and NO DESSERT...WTH?! ;)

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                  Those picadillo meatballs sound really good, amiga!! That quote from Sr. Bushy is priceless!!

              2. Heavy (in many respects!) family meal: fried fish and shrimp, potato salad, garlicky green beans w/sage, tomato and cucumber salad, pound cake and strawberry ice cream. Very heavy.

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                  Heavy, but in a very good way, food-wise.