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May 19, 2010 02:22 PM

Bourbon steak worth it?

Coming to D.C. for weekend and have reservations at Central, Bourbon Steak, and Zaytina. Are these good choices?

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  1. Enjoyed Bourbon Steak a few months ago. Well worth the time. Also, Citronelle was delicious as well.

    1. Even though Jose Andres ia rarely, if at all, in the kitchen at Zaytina, it is always delicious when we go. So too Bourbon Steak...comfortable classy atmosphere, exceptional service and great food. The Chef has a couple of small gardens, one on the roof and one around the corner (!) where he culls some of the ingredients. Sit out in the courtyard if you have a chance. When we've gone they had a fire going and some grilled treats available.