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May 19, 2010 02:15 PM

Sprinkles Cupcakes--Salty Caramel

I am not a huge dessert fan but had a Sprinkles Salty Caramel cupcake yesterday. Pretty damn unbelievable. Cannot get it off my mind. Went to their website and learned that this flavor is only available through 5/23. It is described as "caramel cake with a buttery caramel cream cheese frosting topped with fleur de sel". I suggest that anyone in the area check this cupcake out before it is gone.

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  1. Oh good heavens... Thanks for the tip - I will be sure to get myself there by Sunday. Sounds incredible. I know a lot of people think Sprinkles is overrated, but I am actually a big fan - and I didn't even want to like them! Thanks again.

    1. After reading your post, we hit Sprinkles for Friday night dessert- our first visit. Though the size/cost ratio of the cupcakes was a bit ridiculous, the salty caramels were to die for! They were by far some of the best salt/caramel sweets I've encountered- perfect salt to sweet ratio. Really disappointed to know they'll be gone (at least temporarily) after today.

      In the meantime, I might finally breakdown and try out this frosting recipe (from here on Chowhound), which I bookmarked months ago...


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        The Sprinkles website says the frosting is a "cream cheese" frosting.