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May 19, 2010 02:06 PM

Vienna for a group?

Hi CHers! I've been surfing this board finding some great sounding recommendations for Vienna but have a fairly specific request. Will be there this summer for a work function and am looking to host a group of colleagues (perhaps up to 20). Does anyone have any ideas that might fit the bill?

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  1. Hi! In most of the already described restaurants it won't be a problem to book some tables or even a room for 20 people in advance. As you'll be in Vienna in summertime you could go to a Heurigen and sit outside enjoying the panoramic view (Nussdorf, Stammersdorf, Grinzing, Sievering - there a lots of untouristy places), but there are also nice backyards in the 1st to 9th district. Let me know what sort of atmosphere and kitchen you're looking for so I can give you more detailed recommendations.

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      For location, most of the party will be attending a conference at the Messe Wien Congress and Exhibition Center, so something fairly accessible would probably be ideal - a convenient taxi ride away would be fine.

      For atmosphere, the only directive from my boss is "not too stuffy." I think he means something nice, that can impress our clients but not necessarily require a 3+ hour commitment.

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        If you like bavarian/austrian food you could take a 10min walk from Messezentrum to Schweizerhaus. Their garden is huge and the menu covers everything from Stelze (pork knuckle) to vegetarian dishes.
        There is also a nice place at the Danube shore - Zur alten Kaiserm├╝hle They serve austrian and mediterranean cuisine and have a huge bbq in the garden. It's easy to reach by subway U1 - subwaystop Alte Donau.
        If you want to eat at a Heurigen I would recommend :
        Weingut am Reisenberg - the view is sensational -
        Heuriger Kierlinger in Nussdorf -
        They are both not touristy
        All the Heurigen can be reached by public transportation,but it might take you approx. 45min from Messe to get there. The Taxiride takes approx 20min.
        Let me know if you need any further help.

        1. re: rtgilly

          Regarding impressing your clients you could also try Hansen (in the basemant of the stock exchange, no garden) or Vestib├╝l (in the Burgtheater,has a nice garden oriented towards the town hall)