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May 19, 2010 01:46 PM

paris trip

Am travelling to Paris with my 3 kids (11-17) next week. Am staying in the 7th quite near the Eiffel Tower in an apartment. Would love some lunch and dinner options that are not too costly and would satisfy both children and adults.

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  1. That part of the 7th is where we stay these days; it's an upper middle class area, and we don't see children that often. Many cafes, some quite upscale, have terrasses; that is where you could focus your research. If you are staying in a ParisPerfect apartment, they will supply you with a restaurant list of nearby places. Frites, mac & cheese and burgers are available everywhere. Not to worry.

    1. I think the Christian Constant restaurants -- Les Cocottes and Cafe Constant on rue St. Dominique would be good. My 13-year old daughter always likes to return to Les Cocottes each summer.

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        Absolutely agree that "Les Cocottes and Cafe Constant" are perfect for adults and kids; at the latter have the potato galette (sorry L'Ami Louis lovers but but it out-classes theirs by a mile/km). One day at Les Cocottes, M. Constant "borrowed" a kid's scooter and rode it all the way down the railway car aisle - so he loves kids (his often eat there too).

        John Talbott's Paris

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          Plus, it's walkable and has outside tables. Prices are quite reasonable.

        2. I ten toward quieter places, but with kids you might try going a bit off-hours to bustling places like Chartier or Le Zinc Honore in the Marche du St Honore (did I get that right?) They're modestly priced with good quality for the money.