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May 19, 2010 01:24 PM

chevy chase whole foods

Anyone been to the store yet? I swung by yesterday after work, and while it was kind of a zoo -- thronged with every resident who'd clearly been counting the days until the place opened (2 years later than planned) -- things were relatively well-organized. The checkout line expediter, like one of those airport customs people who directs you to an available cashier, moved more efficiently than I'd have expected. The pasta station was also a good addition to the store, and the gelato/popsicle station at the entrance was kind of a stroke of genius.

I'd count as a minus the fact that there's no accessible entrance from the Metro for those of us with strollers, wheelchairs, or suitcases. That may not be the store's responsibility, but it'll affect how/how often I use it.

Other thoughts?

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  1. It is large and clean and abundantly staffed, at least for now. They also have a hamburger/hot dog station and a lot more seating for those who want to eat on site.
    The best thing about the new Whole Foods is that the Tenley Whole Foods is virtually deserted -- at least during the opening days of the Chevy Chase location -- so you can wander the aisles at ease with stroller, luggage, in a wheel chair or, for that matter, a golf cart..

    Chevy Chase
    6200 Chevy Chase Dr, Laurel, MD 20707

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      Hmmm...good to know about Tenley, since that was my former haunt.

      I went back on day 2, with a stroller (and a baby, needless to say), and found the store to be a total oasis of calm, so there was definitely an Opening Day melee, followed by an immediate return to orderliness.

      One frustration with managing a stroller was that I took the elevator from the top level of the surrounding plaza down to the entrance, and the door to the elevator chamber (or whatever that's called) didn't have a push-button to open it, so I was stuck finagling the stroller through the door. That's not an uncommon occurrence, but you figure anyone who's using the elevator has their hands full and would benefit from having the accessible push-button for the door. I can always come back to shop without my daughter, but if I were in a wheelchair, I wouldn't feel completely welcome at the store.